Andrew W.K. Opening For Black Sabbath In The States

Andrew W.K.

You may have noticed I didn’t post any stories Sunday. My apologies.

I was laying around all fucking day, with a monster hangover. It was my own damn fault; I failed to eat anything before or after drinking heavy beer during the Dillinger Escape Plan show Saturday night in Brooklyn.

I ended up vomiting a bunch and just generally felt like I was going to die all day Sunday. Most of the day, I slept. It sucked. I don’t usually drink, and now remember why: Hangovers are the fucking worst.

This has nothing to do with Andrew W.K., other than he also likes to party. But I am getting to that.

Saturday’s Dillinger show was insane. But Dillinger shows always are. They played some new stuff, and they play the oldies. And I had a few run-ins I’d rather not discuss. Not now, anyways. I will later today, after I have had some time to flesh out my thoughts.

I basically decided during the show that at this point, everything I am doing to try to appease the labels is not working. I need to stop fucking around and be real on the blog again, and stop holding back.

The gloves are off again, kids. And listen, if people decide to stop advertising or giving the site exclusives, so be it. It’s time to get mean again, and not give a fuck anymore. If it ends up crippling the site, so be it.

Anyways, so, yeah, that greasy slime Andrew W.K. has been confirmed as the support band for the U.S. leg of the Black Sabbath tour.

Andrew hasn’t commented but I will: Why?

Why the fuck would Black Sabbath tap Andrew W.K. as an opener? To the best of my knowledge, people stopped giving a fuck about this dude ten years ago.

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