Android M Developer Preview – Up for Grabs!

If you’re not a patient person and you cannot wait until Android M’s official launch date, you can hurry up and set up the developer preview NOW.

The news about Android M coming out is legit. A new upgrade is expected to roll out this current year, but there are a lot of enthusiasts out there who are already giving it a go. Courtesy of Google’s developer preview, this can now be set up. But because this is destined for developers only, if you are curious to see how it works you will be setting it up on your own risk. Because it is not complete, some features might not be working properly or they might be missing completely. So, if you cannot control your enthusiasm and wish to set up Android M right at this very moment, we strongly advise you to use an older device and not something that you’re using on a daily basis. Just keep in mind that a Nexus device will be required to test out the Android M. But we’re betting that there are others out there who are already working on other types of devices for Android M to operate on.

You can download the Android M developer Preview SDK by heading on to Google’s developer site ( Nexus 5,6,9 and last but not least the Nexus Player). As we mentioned above, don’t expect anything too stupefying for now, since this preview of Android M is still a work in progress. But expect Google to launch constant upgrades and you will surely see a progress in time. So before you plunge right in, remember this:

  • This new build is for developers only, thus it can be very shifty and tricky.
  • Do not install the Android M preview on your everyday gizmo.
  • The installation procedure is complex and it can do some serious damage to your device and it should be handled with caution.
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