Android M is Official, Key Improvements in Six Areas

Google has officially announced Android M, the next step towards improving the android operating system.

At the moment, the code name for the sixth generation of the Android OS is Android M. And while many will be eager to try it, the new OS is likely to debut sometimes at the end of the year or probably even the beginning of the next one. At the moment, the OS is just for developers preview, but we know some of the improvements Google has made.

App Permission System

The biggest part of Android M is how it works with app permissions. Unlike before, when installing a new application required giving the app permission to all data, the users will now be able to approve or deny permissions to different segments. For example, there will be eight categories for permission, and apps will ask only for categories they need. The system is very similar to what Apple does with the iOS and apps.

Chrome Browser

Google will give a completely new, redesigned and revamped Chrome Browser to the users with the new Android M. There will be new features, one of which is “Custom Tabs”. In essence, custom tabs allow the developers to insert webviews directly in the application, which results in the users using Chrome without the need to switch apps. There will be also features such as saved passwords and sign in for developers to install within their applications.


The fancy name “intents” is a simple experience that Google is now making it possible for the users of Android M. Applications can now open links directly and not open a dialog box and ask users to choose. Once you click a Twitter or Facebook link in your email, the app will take you directly to the link.

Android Pay

Google will introduce a new paying system with Android M, which will use the NFC technology and Host Card Emulation. The Google Pay system will try to rival other payment gateways and can be used as tap to pay services. In essence, Google Pay will replace Google Wallet. Google Pay will also be available for in apps purchases. At the moment, Google believes Android Pay will be available in more than 700,000 stores in the United States. The feature will support fingerprint scanner.

Battery Life

For better battery life, Android M will introduce a new feature, “Doze”. In essence, the feature will help with the management of background applications and processes. Doze relies on motion detection. Once the feature detects that nobody is using the device, it will shut down background processes. Google believes this will extend battery life.


Lastly, Android M will give support for USB Type-C, which will help with easier and faster charging of devices. Additionally, it will give the users the option to charge other devices with their Android phone.

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