Android M Unveils the Long Awaited Updates

We’ve got some fresh updates for all your Android M enthusiasts out there. Google just revealed a major update regarding its software–Android M at the I/O convention. Google’s newest software should roll out before the fall season starts. So, let’s have a look-see at what Android M has in stored for you all:

State-of the art app approvals: You have the upper hand in terms of approvals that can be given to other applications. The apps will ask for approvals to access the camera, location and even the microphone feature. You can also say farewell to saying “yes” each time an app receives an update.

Enhanced web experience: From now one, each time you are moving from a certain app to a link, the latter will be opened in Chrome, within the actual app. You will also be able to click on the desired links within all kinds of applications without having to see that irritating “disambig dialog” window.

Android Payments: Users can now actually make all kinds of transactions with their handset. This fun feature accesses the NFC as well as a host type of credit card and it allows you to make these payments, if you simply turn on your device. And don’t worry about security, it is very safe due to the fact it does not reveal your actual credit card. You can use it with the following: Verizon, T-mobile as well as Macy’s and even McDonalds.

Available fingerprint sensor: This is the tool that will grant users permission to actually empower all of their money transactions.

Long live the battery: “Doze” is a fun feature that will let you know if your handset hasn’t been moved around for some time. All of your applications and other battery consuming features that you have on your handset will all be put in a “sleep” mode. Thus your battery will last longer.

Android M 2

USB Type-C: This addition permits you to actually use your device, so that other gadgets can be charged.

An improved word choice: The word choice has been upgraded and users will no longer have to face that batty copy & paste feature.

Tracking down friends: This state of the art software will instantly detect which are the people you constantly share more things with, so it will make those contacts accessible with a simple click.

Mastering volume: Thanks to the recently added drop-down, users can now master the levels and add the silence mode to their device.

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