Angry Birds Free Download – Do Not Mess with Pigs

A game that revolutionized the entire arena of gaming apps, Angry Birds climbed to the number one position on the charts and received overnight success.

The game runs on a simple concept of aiming at the pigs as precisely and as quickly as possible and breaking their houses on their helmeted heads. You pull back the slingshot with your finger and leave it to kill the pig. If the shot strikes the pig, he will die immediately; otherwise you have a second chance to try your math. A game solely made on this idea may sound a little dumb-founded; however, here is the catch.

Angry Birds stepped in to the market when there were hardly any gaming apps topping the charts. People longed for many games, but nothing caught their minds, until Angry Bird was released. It was that age when one and only action war, Call of Duty, led the gaming app zone. In comparison to that action sequence, Angry Birds neither had any endless run to achieve unbeatable scores nor did it include complicated animations that sometimes turned boring. Moreover, its catchy title helped the popularity of the game to make the users practice it as a metaphor in everyday life. Any person they came across who is fuming enough was teased as ‘Angry Birds’. This built curiosity amongst the non-players and later even they became a great fan of this game. However, what were the exact insights to make Angry Bird one of their favorite birds?

This game is simple enough to play, even by the smallest kid who knows to operate mobile phones. As our brains are susceptible to things that are less complicated and interactive enough to easily understand, we create fondness for such notions and get our brains embossed with its quality. This is where the concept of Angry Birds exactly strikes its chord. It bangs the heads of people with its meek design, but an interactive agenda. In addition to this, you can take ample time to hit the target and the birds fly at their own paces. They are not interested in making any hasty decisions by losing even a single chance of destroying the pigs. The pigs, too, fall easily on the grass, matching the speed of their kill. This slow-pacing concept gives a sense to the players, of utilizing their leisure time and satisfaction from playing this game.

As the game is slow and easy, people also turn in during their tea and coffee breaks. Just after making one or two slingshot and kills, they return back to their work. This, majorly, keeps them engaging as they do not have to spend a lot of time activating the birds from the game’s initial stage. There is no requirement to possess any sort of skills in this game, except calculating smart angles to aim at the pigs. In addition to this, only the background along with the color of the pigs and birds change, whereas the idea remains the same, of smashing the pigs to death to steal the eggs.

A slow pace, easy graphics, perfect coordination, simple concept, ease of access and engaging characters are a few of the reasons for gaining tremendous popularity.

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