Angry Birds Transformers – Most Important Strategies to Lead You to Victory

A shooting gallery from Ravio, Angry birds Transformers sets you to start a fight.

The two best teams, Deceptihogs and Autobirds combine to form a group and battle down a communal threat. Let us understand how we can play this game and make the best out of the points we gain.

Target Weak Spots

Similar to Angry Birds, the pigs in Angry Birds Transformers also like to hide in wobbly structures. Hence, instead of hitting the pig directly, go for a shot where you can hit the weak point of the structure. This will make it tumble over the pig and the armored pigs will die instantly.

Know Your Characters

Every character has its own qualities and weaknesses. Before trying any transformer to kill the pigs, check on its moves and shots. Heatwave is a little slower than the rest but has tremendous power to smash any pig. You can try Optimus for weakening the pigs because though he is fast and quick, his shots are weak.

Auto shooting

It is a game and you are controlling the robots. Hence, unless you ask them to change your original move, they will keep repeating. If you tap the screen to shoot, they will keep shooting unless you direct those transformers to make another move.

Flying Pigs

Flying pigs are the most annoying creatures in this game. They smash your face without any second thought. Hence, before you kill any stable pig, shoot these flying squads and heave a sigh of relief.

Sharp focus

Keep a keen eye on the screen while playing for every level. You may think that you have killed almost every pig on the screen; however, you must be leaving at least one pig undead that is busy watching you sitting at the horizon.

Hidden Structures

Can you ever think that pigs can be sore and annoying? They hide in such places that you cannot even have a glimpse of them. As the pigs are armored, they keep hitting you with bullets and you lose your life. To avoid such mishap, do have a look at every structure properly.

Transform to the Vehicle Boot

Vehicle Boot is one of the easiest ways to save you from unfortunate mishaps. Falling objects, flying squads can sometime kill you to death. Hence, scoot away with vehicle and avoid unnecessary danger.

Send the Pigs Some Shockwaves

When you collaborate with one of your partners, the new partner sends shockwaves through the ground when it enters the screen. Hence, this can help in damaging concrete and hard structures if you are unable to break those apart.

Bring Back your Friend

If your ally has gone after helping you for sometime during the battle, you can bring it back after its meter of life is full. Let it gain the entire power and come back to crack some nuts out of these small infuriating pigs.

With Angry Birds Transformers, you would have never imagined pigs could be so dreadful and annoying. Bring in all the powers of your character together and teach these beasts a good lesson for infuriating you.

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