Anne Autumn Erickson’s Going For A Spin: The Return Of Vinyl

Anne Autumn Erickson’s Going For A Spin

So, over the last few weeks, we’ve been getting all kinds of offers, including one from the respected publicist for Anne Autumn Erickson of Upon Wings, who is allegedly a big fan of the GunShy. Seeing as Zeena Koda provides the sole female voice on this entire site and because I am a fan of chicks in general, I agreed to let Anne write a regular column for the site. The more, the merrier, I always say.

Admittedly, I don’t listen to hard rock or metal with clean female vocals. But this Anne Autumn Erickson’s got a voice that’s almost too good — proper, may be the word — to have driving guitars and bombastic kit work underneath it. If you have a soft spot for bands like Evanescence but want more engaging guitars, then Upon Wings might be worth looking in to, kids.
In an age where the digital-download MP3 is everything to music sales, it’s beyond refreshing to see vinyl making a steady comeback.
Phonograph records on vinyl. LPs. 7-inch singles. They may seem like dinosaur formats from yesteryear, but the numbers tell a different story. Wax sales are on the rise, as Nielsen reports that sales of vinyl sides were up 16.3% in 2012. Specifically, 3.2 million vinyl records were sold last year. Add to that vinyl sales being up 39% in 2011, and you’ve got a bona fide trend.
Yes, vinyl is hip again. It’s cool again. It’s baaaack.
It’s not difficult to see why vinyl is so appealing. There something about it, physically. It’s simply tactile. I, personally, love the feeling of jaunting to the nearest brick-and-mortar record shop and finding a diamond of a vinyl. I love looking at the record; studying the art. There’s something about holding a record in your hand that you simply can’t deny.
We can’t talk about vinyl without bringing up its biggest day of the year: Record Store Day. The event happens on the third Saturday in April every year, and it’s given indie record shops a real push out front.
This year, Record Store Day celebrates its sixth anniversary of bringing together locally-owned shops for one killer day of sales and exclusive releases.
I’ve been really impressed with the variety in Record Store Day’s releases. It’s not just the hipster genres. Last year brought releases in nearly every style of music, from metal (Metallica) to garage blues-rock (The White Stripes) to pop-rock (Switchfoot) to alternative rock (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
With so many format changes over the years — cassettes, albums, CDs, digital files — we don’t really know what’s next. But for now, it appears the old-fashioned record is resurrecting, and it’s proving true that people will always buy records.

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