Another Blip On The Radar

We catch up with some of our favorite underground bands to see what they’re up to

Mandroid EchostarMandroid Echostar

Mandroid Echostar

End of the year shit time. Let’s check up on a bunch of our favorite bands from the underground and see how they’ve faired in the past year or so.

Zombies and Diamonds
This groovin’ Spanish hardcore punk band released a second almost two years to the month. They were a very early feature in the Readers’ Bands column, if memory serves me correctly.

The second album, Dogs Become Wolves, builds on the sound of their first record, featuring loud, fast riffs that will be stuck in your head for a long while, but also featuring a deepened sense of melody and harmony. Very pleasant to listen to for such an aggressive band.

Dogs Become Wolves by Zombies & Diamonds

Mandroid Echostar
Canadian progressive metal has never sounded so good. Yeah, that’s right. I like these guys more than Rush and Devin Townsend. Fight me. You’ll win, but you’ll never get my stink off you.

These guys have been very hard at work. Your brain will melt when you hear their second album they released last year called Citadels. This band’s insane attention to detail and musicianship make me think they are a much prettier-sounding, proggier, Canadianer Dying Fetus.

They’re also slated for studio time in the coming weeks. Catch up with Mandroid before their third offering is released!

Citadels by Mandroid Echostar

The champions of Little Rock metallic hardcore have been playing shows like mad men, including opening for the almighty Ringworm. I missed it because I was in a suit in a courtroom doing a mock Supreme Court hearing. I will never forgive Law School.

As far as record releases go, Snakedriver released a compilation of their demo and their half of a vicious split they did with Laser Flames on the Great Big News. Rumor has it they’ve also got a new LP recorded and they’re prowling around for someone to master and press it.

Well, it’s not really a rumor, I know it for a fact. Dustin, the guitarist, showed me unmastered versions of four songs off their new one and, lemme tell ya, this is premium grade, teeth-grinding, fury-inducing hardcore they’ll be dishing out to us in the (hopefully) near future. Check ‘em out if you haven’t already.

Snakedriver by Snakedriver

Of Feather and Bone
This grind outfit from Denver has released to albums this year. One is an EP called Adorned in Decay, the other a split with Reproacher. Guess what? Both are hella rad.

If you have a job that requires you to crush or bludgeon things, you hit the jackpot of soundtracks. And guess what else? The album art on the releases are nuts. Go look at it for yourself.

How would you like your thrash, sirs and madames? With or without the crust? With the crust? Okay. Behold this split from Shovelhead and Beastplague, which you have to sign a medical indemnity form before you download it.

The bands just don’t want to be liable for your broken neck after you hear this record and are subjected to a brutal headbanging session. You can try to resist, but it’s impossible. You WILL hurt your neck listening to these songs.

Shovelhead/Beastplague Split by Shovelhead

Here’s to another year of sick underground music. Keep it up, guys. We’re listening.

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