Antagonist Release “Sasha Grey”


I am a fan of Sasha Grey. The chick knows how to take it like a true champ. She’s done everything and anything you can think of on film, and, much to my chagrin, has decided to try and do a Traci Lords and make the move to more mainstream film work. And she’s succeeding, which means no more porno. But I will always remember the Sasha Grey I first knew…the one who could plug every hole with a salami and still look hot, even with eye makeup running down her face. Bless my soul, that girl’s evil. And she is, like, so my type. I think she’s pretty much every metalhead’s type. Scratch that: everyone’s type.

I guess Antagonist are fans too. The band put up a new track on their MySpace page today called “Sasha Grey,” and its not half-bad. Generally, I’m against anyone writing a song or naming a band after someone famous or a slut-for-the-right-price. The song comes from World in Decline, the band’s album which drops August 17 on Prosthetic. Now let’s face it: I just wanted to talk about this song so I could get a picture of Miss Grey’s bodacious booty on Gun Shy. Mission accomplished. I know it’s shameless, but, in a way, we’re just paying homage to the devil’s work. I mean, I’d eat cereal from that thing.

I’d be her friend

I mean, look at that thing. It’s glorious. It’ll talk to you…if you listen real close. Anyways, The song rips, with lots of guttural growls, some strange references to “being on top” and shit. Overall, the music is pretty killer. You should definitely check it out, and if you want tour dates, I’ve got them for you right here.

Again, did they break the mold with that ass or did they break the mold with that ass. Sorry…I’ve been single for a spell now, and I’m starting to turn into Benny Hill.


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