Anybody Listening? A Tale of Two Rÿches — Team Taterÿche Update: Nobody Can Listen


The Breakdown Room is the Queensrÿche forum and the nerdiest fans of the progressive (regressive since 1994) band get to geek it out. As you can imagine, the forum is incredibly busy with all the hoopla from over the past year.

Geoff Tate and the Rÿchling Bros. are on tour playing Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety along with six more songs during the encore. He doesn’t play anything before Mindcrime and only one post-Empire song, “I’m American,” off of Operation: Mindcrime II. If you haven’t seen any footage of the tour that kicked off almost a week ago, take a look at this screencap posted on The Breakdown Room below.

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The Tates are doing damage control in a major way here. The real Queensrÿche encourages fans to take videos of their performances (noted in my review last week with Todd taking phones from fans and getting awesome shots of the band before returning it to the owners) and post them on YouTube. They have confidence and something to prove.

Taterÿche is hiding. They don’t want fans who haven’t purchased tickets yet to see the damning footage of his blown-out voice.

I was one of the, I guess, “lucky” ones that saw that rehearsal footage before it was taken down. It was certainly not “PHENOMENAL” by any means. Understandably, the backing vocals sound radically different and Tate leaves just the backing vocals to take care of a lot of things he no longer can. He still bails on anything near a high note and holds the mike out to the crowd. He actually sounded somewhat decent during the less straining portions of a couple songs, but let’s wait until week two of the tour when he strains to even sing anything.

Now, back to the setlist for a moment. Ok, it’s the 25th anniversary of Mindcrime and I understand wanting to perform it in full…if you’re Toddrÿche. Tate has stated numerous times that he doesn’t like heavy metal anymore and doesn’t want to sing like he used to (let’s just put his lack of ability to sing like he used to aside).

He has a new album coming out that he said is “stupidly heavy.” If he’s trying to cater to the fans for once by playing the material they want to hear (the heavy stuff), why isn’t he playing anything off the new album that is coming out soon? Why isn’t he trying to prove that this band is the one for fans to support and buy albums from in the future? This is all really confusing as to what his motive is to prove that he himself is definitively Queensrÿche.

You didn’t think you weren’t gonna hear anything about Queensrÿche from me this week, did you? Bookmark us and keep checking in as this Tate bullshit is just about to “Get Started” with his new album out soon.

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