Anybody Listening? A Tale of Two Rÿches: Team Taterÿche Update — Shut The Fuck Up

Do it!

For some reason people are still interviewing Geoff Tate. recently conducted an interview with the man behind the vest.

Tate claimed “there is a concerted effort to create a personality for me, to try and create a smear campaign, really. They have a pretty sizable amount of people that are participating in that. If you do a little bit of research, you will find that most of the negative comments are coming from a small group of people that have multiple Internet sites and multiple Facebook sites. Multiple personalities are really arguing with themselves, in a sense.”

I don’t work for Century Media and have no affiliation with Queensrÿche. I hate you, Geoff. So do my friends who are Queensrÿche fans. The fans absolutely hate you. Paint it however you want, but we hate you. Also, when FU was released, people with their names in the liner notes were writing 5 star reviews on Amazon about the album. There are other instances where Camp Tate members have swarmed the Internet and have tried posting favorable comments about Taterÿche and FU, so shut the fuck up you tubby muppet.

When asked if there’s any material he would never play live, he contradicts himself as usual.

“I can’t really think of one — not off hand,” he says. “Honestly, I’m not that interested in looking back. I’m more focused in what’s going on in the present. When you perform live, you kind of have to play material from the past, because that’s what fans know the most. Your audience almost “tolerates” any new material in your set. Music needs time to sit with people. I try not to perform that many new songs in a set because the audience simply doesn’t know them that well. I will probably wait a few years before you play it live. Gives the fans time to get a feel for it and understand it better. These songs off Mindcrime people have been listening to for 25 years now. It means more to them.”

He is more focused in what’s going on in the present, but won’t play any new songs because the fans need time to appreciate them and is playing an album that is 25 years old because it means something to the fans. I…uh…what?

Tate also went on to state he is trying to put out a record every six months. That’s a lot of literal shit for a label to promote and do everything they properly need to do. Also, we all know it takes more than six months to go from not having a single note written to the shelves for purchase. Well, unless you want it all to sound like Frequency Unknown.

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