Anybody Listening? A Tale of Two Rÿches — Team Toddrÿche AND Team Taterÿche Update: Nothing Like A Hometown Crowd


Queensrÿche’s eponymous album came out earlier this week! My vinyl pre-order from Amazon is backed up until July 9, which hopefully means that a lot of you pre-ordered the album as well.

To celebrate the release of the first Queensrÿche album to feature the ultra talented Todd La Torre and not the ultra used-to-be talented Geoff Tate, the band played a hometown gig for a lucky crowd. I’ve already made it clear numerous times how friendly and personable the new frontman is, but here I am again to provide another example.

After performing a 12 song set list, a sweaty La Torre took off his wires and performed what looks more like a trust fall than a stage dive with the crowd and they eagerly passed the singer around before letting him down in the middle of the packed venue.

This is a band that was once bigger than life, fell mightily over the years, and have reconnected with their fans in a personal way, building the brand name back up and restoring the fans’ trust.

Geoff Tate wouldn’t dare (hehe) attempt this for fearing of being dropped. No, not because all the Queensrÿche fans hate him, though it is still true, but because his gut is sending buttons flying off his vests at deadly speeds. Tate crowdsurfing would send the first three rows to the hospital if there are even three rows of people left by the end of a Taterÿche full band karaoke night. Judging by what you’re about to read, that isn’t far off the mark.

Seattle is hosting a second Queensrÿche show on June 29 at the second home of the band, the Moore Theatre. However, fans are not as eager to attend this one because it is Geoff Tate’s piss-poor excuse for a band butchering Operation: Mindcrime over the last two months.

Jason Slater, the man responsible for the reason why Frequency Unknown urgently needed a remix, was seen handing out flyers for the show. That is the lamest show flyer I’ve ever seen. It could only look worse if it was done on a fucking calculator. Clearly, we can assume that Taterÿche’s hometown gig at the place they’ve recorded two live albums, one being Mindcrime At The Moore which is the performance of Operation: Mindcrime I & II, hasn’t sold nearly enough tickets.

To make things even more eyebrow-raising, the flyer (an image of which accompanies this post) mentions the backing band as guests, listing two drummers and two bassists, but not guitarist Kelly Gray and keyboardist Randy Gane, the only two mainstays of the revolving door of musicians (a word that is loosely applied). Wasn’t the point of this to try to sell tickets?

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