Anybody Listening? A Tale of Two Rÿches — Team Toddrÿche Update: In The Blue Corner, Todd La Torre!

Todd La Torre

Not long after I finished stating that the real Queensrÿche have handled this whole mess with class and hardly even mention Geoff Tate and his shitty excuse he’s trying to pass off as Queensrÿche, Todd La Torre came out and slammed him. It was not done unprovoked, nor did he just run his mouth about his thoughts on Taterÿche; he backed it up with reasons that were sound and intelligent.

A recent interview with put Todd in the hot seat with some burning questions we’ve all been wanting the answers to.

When asked about how he handles being under intense scrutiny as the new singer of Queensrÿche, Todd responded: “People have told me that, ‘I wanted to hate you, but you have helped to resurrect my favorite band and thank you Todd.’ People bring me the EP and The Warning and Rage For Order, I’ve signed so many albums, like real vinyl album covers and I’m like, ‘Are you sure you want me to do this?’

“I don’t know if I’m worthy because I’m certainly not on the album, and they say, ‘You know what, you deserve to be on it because you’re every bit as good or better, and I can’t wait for the new record and I’m proud to be a Queensrÿche fan again.’ To me, that’s so cool, that’s cooler than any high note I can do or any crowd I can play to. Those are the things that really say ‘Wow, this is really a great thing.’

“I’m glad that these people are receptive to it. There’s always gonna be haters Larry, and you can’t please ‘em all. What are you gonna do? As long as I know that I’m being true to myself then at the end of the day, if I ever lost my voice or became debilitated or something happened to me or the band, I want people to remember me as a really nice guy, as a down to earth, honest, I’m-no-different-than-you-cuz-I’m-not, kind of person. And that can go a long way. If you’re having an off-night but you talk to somebody earlier and you were cool to em and you went out of your way to give them that little extra something, they’ll overlook those things. But if you’re not a nice guy, you’re arrogant, I don’t care how good you sing, you’re still arrogant and people don’t like that. That’s why I always try to be true to myself, no matter how much fame or notoriety I could ever get. But I’m always thankful at the end of the day.”

To put this into perspective, imagine going up to Dio (we’re using a time machine here) and asking him to sign Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Imagine asking Andi Deris to sign Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt II. Fans acknowledge Todd as the true singer for Queensrÿche and he hasn’t even been in the band for a full fucking year. He’s apprehensive about signing these albums. The dude is nothing but class.

Later on, we saw a subtle shot at Geoff Tate with the arrogant remark, but nothing malicious. He’s just speaking the truth about people in general, although the arrogant comment may have not been brought up if Tate wasn’t a pissypants, tantrum-throwing toddler with a wine gut and a depleted motivation at finding a hair style that actually looks decent. went on to ask Todd about his thoughts on the Frequency Unknown album cover, which any member of the band had yet to address at any sort of length. Todd also took the opportunity to share his thoughts on Tate’s version of the band.

La Torre: “Yeah, and so when one talks about devaluing the name or the brand of Queensrÿche, it’s so obvious that when you’re putting a fist with an “FU” in a clever way to say that’s Frequency Unknown, but we know what it’s really likely to be standing for, with the Triryche, that’s not good for the brand, that’s not good for Queensrÿche to have the Triryche in front of an “FU”…that’s not good. That doesn’t add credibility or respect to the name and brand of Queensrÿche. It’s immature, it’s angry, it’s um, stupid. It is, it’s stupid, I said it, I don’t give a shit. Stupid. I don’t even acknowledge it as a Queensrÿche album Larry! It’s not Queensrÿche. The guys that play on the record are not the guys that you see onstage and aren’t the guys that wrote the songs. It’s a revolving door dude, it’s not Queensrÿche.

“What I’m in is Queensrÿche. I’m with the three core founding members and writers of the band Queensrÿche that wrote the songs that you and I liked and loved, okay? And we’re the guys that write the songs, we’re the guys that perform the songs, and we’re the guys that are on the record. That’s a band! That’s (the other QR) not a band. You can put the Triryche on it all you want, but it’s not Queensrÿche and I don’t care what you call it, the majority of the fans aren’t acknowledging it as Queensrÿche either. It might look good on paper, but to me, it’s disrespectful to do that. It’s not good for the brand and what we’re doing is trying to build respect and honor to the brand name, and that’s not how you do it. FYI, Business 101, not a good move, but you know, whatever. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one… We have some much cool shit going on with us, we don’t really care what’s happening on the other side. The only time we acknowledge it is when we’re asked in an interview and most of the time it’s ‘Eh.’ I’m the one who deviates a little bit but I always come back around and I can honestly say that we really don’t think about it, we don’t dwell on it.”

The band is clearly not interested in a pissing contest with Geoff because they know they’ll lose. You can’t piss as far when your dick swings way closer to the ground than your opponent’s. These guys sound confident that when they go back to court in November, the band name will rightfully be theirs and theirs alone.

Also in the interview with is the telling story of how Todd landed the gig with Queensrÿche and how Rising West was supposed to remain Rising West and Todd was not planned to initially replace Tate.

I can only imagine now that Queensrÿche have the details of their self-titled album out and are going to be on the interview circuit in the weeks leading up to the release that things will only get juicier and the guys will start responding to the first punch that Tate foolishly threw. Stay tuned.

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