Apple iOS 8.3 Update Details

At long last iOS 8.3 has been released in the middle of April and it is about time too. It had been released in its Beta version in February, so people knew it was coming soon, but finally it has been launched and it is fair to say that this update to the Apple operating system has been warmly received.

What Are The Main Features Of The Update?

So what can you expect with this latest version? First of all, this is not a full blown update as it does follow the usual Apple idea of major updates coming with a brand new number. However, it does address a number of issues that have been bugging people since iOS 8 was first launched.

Perhaps the main thing is that this update has resolved some performance issues whilst also improving the battery life as some users felt that the original version was a drain on their battery. Initial reports indicate that this is a lot better than before although it is still slightly too early to really see how big the improvement has been across the board.

Keeping on the improved performance theme, it has been noted that the operating system does seem to be working more smoothly especially as you move between features on your Apple device. For some tablet users it was felt that the initial system just did not flow correctly from one screen to another, but 8.3 seems to have addressed that.

Now, moving between pages and apps appears to work more naturally and clearly this is going to help people to have a much better experience overall.

Finally, and perhaps the most noted part of this update, Apple have decided to use this update to launch a brand new emoji keyboard complete with over 300 brand new emojis and even the ones that already existed have had a makeover with brand new skins and designs making them appear fresher than before. Of course this does not change the way in which you use the operating system, but it does mean you can have more fun.

So, with iOS 8.3:

  • It has now been released after being in Beta for several months.
  • The update focuses primarily on improving overall performance.
  • You will get better battery life.
  • Moving between screens is smoother than ever before.
  • There are a whole host of new emojis to choose from and have fun with.

This was never intended to be a complete overhaul of the entire operating system, but then that is obvious when you look at what has been included in this update. It just looks at improving certain areas that have been giving cause for concern and it has to be said that they have managed to achieve what they have set out to do.

You are still recommended to download and install this update for your Apple device as it patches up bugs that could have been annoying you and let’s face it you will also have a more secure operating system and that is something that can never be overlooked. They may already be talking about 8.4, but get this update now because, after all, it does not cost you anything.

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