Apple TV 4th Generation Overview

Apple is known to constantly update it’s line up of products which has helped it to stay ahead of it’s competitors and dominate the market for around a decade now. The Cupertino based firm has evolved from being a firm that sold the portable media players to one that manufactures a lot of the technical gadgets that one uses daily like phones, laptops, tablets and much more.

One area though where Apple has not done much work in recent years is Apple TV, a media streaming device which last saw an upgrade back in 2012. But if reports and rumors are to be believed, Apple TV 4 is all set to be unveiled later this year with a host of new features and specifications to spice up the media streaming market segment. Here is an overview as to what users can expect from the new Apple TV 4.


Apple TV will be a much smaller and thinner device as sleek and trendy is the need of the hour these days. There may also be a HDMI port to connect the device with the television via a HDMI cable. There is news about a new remote with better capabilities and control features and a game controller which will definitely catch the attention of several gaming enthusiasts. Apple is known to develop its products after a lot of consideration and inclusion of a controller might just be another of those master strokes from the electronics giant.


Apple’s iOS may also make an appearance on the remote control which may allow users to surf the web and browse as well as display the information on the screen using Apple TV. This move is also expected to enhance the overall experience of the device.


The new Apple TV 4 is expected to have the new A8 processor which is also present on the iPhone 6. The set top box will also have more internal storage to accommodate more number of apps.

App Store

Apple is expected to launch a fully dedicated app store for the fourth generation Apple TV which is being touted as Apple’s move to take over the living room completely. Content providers will be allowed to develop their own apps for the store.


The interface is expected to witness a major overhaul and will become more user friendly. Navigating between different sets of content will become a lot easier.


Now this can be a brilliant inclusion as it will allow the device to double up as a gaming console. A gaming store may also be on the cards to provide users with a dedicated line up of games. The gaming fraternity will be eyeing this section closely as gaming is a segment where Apple has not made an appearance till now but all that could change with the launch of the new Apple TV 4.

4K Video

One feature that many are betting on is the inclusion of 4K video. 4K is a technology that is for the future and Apple may want to make it’s product future ready by including support for 4K video play.

There is a lot of hype around the launch of the new Apple TV 4 as it is one of Apple’s least popular devices and the electronics company may look to change all that with it’s new release this fall.

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