Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV – Which One Works Better for You?

Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s reaction to the Apple TV and both of them bring a number of great features for us to enjoy, as well as some additional content which maybe isn’t present on your TV already.


Regarding the design of these two devices, Fire TV is a little bit larger, but it’s thinner than the Apple TV, whilst both of them are pretty simple to set up, since you just plug in the power cord, connect the devices to your TV’s HDMI port and that’s it.

Remote Control Units

Both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV have small remote controls. The remote control unit of the Apple TV might even be a bit too small, whilst the remote control unit of the Fire TV is slightly thicker and fits a bit better in your hand. The remote control unit of the Fire TV features voice control which means you can speak out whatever you’re searching for. Amazon Fire TV’s remote control features more options than the remote control of the Apple TV; so the more demanding users should probably pick this one up.

User Interface

Regarding features and apps, the Apple TV boasts of a highly customizable interface, where the top row contains iTunes for purchasing or renting movies and music and below it are icons which you can customize any way you like. The Amazon Fire TV features a vertical menu containing separate content sections throughout which you are allowed to navigate with the voice control feature. Fire TV’s interface functions flawlessly, whilst the Apple TV’s interface might yield some lags occasionally; yet, this is very rare, so it should not be a deal breaker.


In terms of content which these two devices provide, it finally comes down to one’s personal preference. There are more movies available on the Amazon Fire TV and they are mostly available sooner than on the Apple TV. On the other side, if you already own a lot of purchased content on the iTunes, it would probably be better for you to get the Apple TV because you’ll have all that content accessible in the cloud.


Since both the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV are amazing devices, it wouldn’t be fair to claim that one is better or more worthy than the other. It’s true that the Amazon Fire TV has movies available sooner, however iTunes is integrated with the Apple TV so that’s really great choice for everyone who has already purchased some content there. Furthermore, the Amazon Fire TV’s voice control feature is pretty nice, yet it is not something that should beat the Apple TV. Finally, we could say that this is a clear tie since both the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV are amazing devices, which offer different, but great things. If you are already using Apple’s services and devices, you should go with the Apple TV; however, those who aren’t Apple users and don’t own much content on iTunes, might check the Fire TV out to enjoy contents it often provides.

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