As I Lay Dying’s Lambesis: Hearing Delayed

Tim in courtTim in court

Tim in court

By the time they settle this case, Tim’s estranged wife might actually be dead…from old age.

Today, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying and Austrian Death Machine was to go before a judge for a readiness conference.

That hearing was delayed.

It is now on the docket for February 25.

In related news, transcripts of court documents have been reviewed by this site, providing an actual account of what happened, according to the guy Tim tried to hire to 86 his old lady.

That dude, Brett, later went to police but “claimed it was Lambesis who contacted him. ‘He contacted me via text asking me if he could talk to me.’ The two arranged to meet in the parking lot at the gym. Lambesis brought his girlfriend with him that evening. It was about dusk on April 22 and he was living with girlfriend Amanda in a home in Carlsbad at that time. Amanda went into the gym to exercise while the men stayed outside. ‘Just myself and him,’ Brett remembered. ‘He began by asking me if I knew why I was there. I made the comment that I was hoping it wasn’t to kill anybody.’

“‘He said that that was funny and that was exactly why I was there.’ Brett said Lambesis spoke of his failing marriage. ‘We had a discussion and he proceeded to tell me about his relationship with his ex-wife and how it had deteriorated.’ Actually, Tim’s wife Meggan Lambesis had filed divorce paperwork eight months earlier, but they were still married.

“Brett said Tim Lambesis told him, ‘He had been seeing another woman. And they had split up. And they had three children. And he was not happy and he wanted to make sure that the kids had one healthy relationship instead of two bad ones.’ Tim reportedly complained that his wife was spending all their money on divorce attorneys.

“Brett understood that Lambesis wanted someone to ‘get rid of her, kill her.’ Brett said he told the rock singer, ‘That’s not my thing, I’m not involved in any behavior like that.’

“‘I’m a body guard, not an assassin.’ Brett said he sees himself as a protector. But Lambesis was persistent, according to Brett. ‘He wanted to know if maybe I could find somebody to do it for him. He knew I knew people was his comment. I know you know people so maybe you can help me.’ The two men spoke for about 20 minutes that evening.

“Soon afterwards, Brett became nervous. ‘I thought that he was going to go through with it, with or without me.’ Brett said he got advice from an attorney. ‘She said I needed to get a tape recording of that, otherwise, I’d be an accessory to murder if it happened.’

“So Brett said he initiated another contact, and two days later he met again with Lambesis, this time at a bookstore in Oceanside. It was a Barnes & Noble. Tim Lambesis brought his girlfriend Amanda again. She was told that the men were going to talk about music and motorcycles, and since she was not interested in that kind of conversation she waited outside in the car, according to a detective’s statements later.”

Later, an officer playing a hitman by the name of Red met with Lambesis.

“‘I asked him to bring photographs of the individual we were talking about and I asked him to bring the address for the individual and a thousand dollars.’ That was not intended to be the total fee, ‘It was a down payment for me to do a couple of days work.’ The total cost was set at $20,000 — which Lambesis agreed to ‘immediately,’ according to Red.”

Lambesis told Red he wanted “his wife gone,” and “I want her never ever, ever to come back.”

Red says as Tim left their meeting, “we got about fifteen or twenty feet away from each other and he turned back to me and he goes, ‘Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.’”

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