Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Zeena Koda is back, and yes, she has her responses to your tough questions about life, love, twins, and pot…you know, the usual stuff. Of course, don’t forget to check Zeena out on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal, and “Like” her on Facebook, kids.

Zeena: I think I may seriously be addicted to pot. I’m not an old guy, but it literally is my favorite thing in the world. From what I’ve read its not possible to be addicted to bud. But whenever that bag’s down to maybe a days worth of it, I start freakin. I do however want to quit. In time. I respect your opinion so when that time eventually comes, would you suggest going cold turkey or do you think I should consider a program? — Keith

The Bombshell says…
Word up, Keith. THC-loving folks can all understand how fervent the love for pot can be — who doesn’t want to chill out, kick back and forget about reality for a little bit. I think the problem is the devil’s lettuce can’t be your numero uno escape for all of life’s problem and ironically (tragically) it can become another thing that stifles you, makes you numb to reality, and — subsequently — another problem.

Mild addiction — whether it’s to pot, sex, porn, alcohol — can be easily misconstrued for a “bad habit” but ultimately the severity of your commitment to it can be gauged by what you are willing to sacrifice in order to keep it up. If you’re toking and fulfilling your life duties with ease, I wouldn’t stress addiction as much as thinking about what you COULD be doing in the time you are smoking. Perhaps you could be writing, exercising, finding the cure for cancer — any number of things could be a better use of time and money than smoking. If you feel it could be a problem, try cutting down and revamping your lifestyle a little; smoking pipes instead of blunts or joints, and really thinking about what you are putting into your body. Replace it with something that will fixate orally, like a lollipop; just to get a tactile grasp of how much you smoke. Weaning off is usually best but if cold-turkey works, give it a shot. You’ll probably be back though; it’s one of the toughest things to shake once you have fallen in love. Slow it down, and take it one day at a time.

Hey Zeena. Love the column. I’m writing mostly as a fan 1st and foremost and to tell you how awesome you are. But I also have something of a strange situation I need help with. I will be a senior in high school next year, and there’s this set of identical twins in my class. Our last names start with N, so they sit right behind me. I find one of them attractive. They seem shy, but in a way, so am I. How should I approach the one I like? I don’t want to become involved with both, just one. Please consider this question for you column. I’m hoping to make my senior year a romantic one!!! – Hayden from Oberlin

The Bombshell says…
Hayden, your love melts my arctic heart. God bless your young, sweet naivety! All along I thought I was a borderline bad influence on the youth of America, but I DO WHAT I CAN.

At any rate, the best way to deal with twins is separately but it can be VERY tricky business. The problem is they are usually either clingy like flies to shit with each other, or desperately trying to create their own independence while still attached at the hip. You need to plan strategically, and put in the legwork — approach them separately but make it known to the other that you are speaking to the other. Twins aren’t the SAME person, so even though they may look like dual sexual gems, you need to feel out who is the good seed of the duo.

Slip a note (my style because I’m a creeper), leave them both a flower on their desk, or play them some Slayer and see who runs and who stays. Always be respectful because women can sniff that out hard; be discreet and general. See who takes the bait. Either way, you know you’re getting someone equally aesthetically attractive. If all else fails, sniff their hair!

As a bonus, here is a news report Zeena did for the Rock It Out blog:

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