Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell with Zeena Koda

Happy Valentines Day — the world of love is a pisser, so let’s prep the noose together!

“Hey Zeena. I loved your last column. The video was sweet, and you looked hella sexy. Being a hot chick, I was hoping perhaps you could debunk the long-held myth that hot chicks don’t poop. Well…do they? — Zachary”

The Bombshell says…

In a mystical world we’d all love to NOT defecate, believe me. While most men marvel in the release of “taking a dump” as a woman for me PERSONALLY it is not something I look forward to doing. Sadly, as long as we ladies keep living and breathing we will continue to drop the deuce. Then again though, what is the big f’n deal to be quite honest?

Us ladies have to deal with some of the grossest male hygienic behavior and if we wipe our asses properly and you don’t see or smell it, what does it matter to you? As a man I think i’d far more be interested in what is going on in the V area than in A world but, to each his own. The flower can’t always be perfect and depending on what kind of guy you are, pooping might be a plus and not minus.

“Yo Zeena: I have been seeing this guy for about a year now and he won’t get erase the tit pics and fuck videos he made with his ex from his phone. He says he hates her, and I even offered to make new videos with him if he erases the ones he made with this whore. But that hasn’t changed his mind. What gives? — Randee”

The Bombshell says…
Oh man this would BOIL me. There is a little secret box (these days, digital purgatory) that everyone has — I don’t care what they say — that contains remnants of an ex whether it be physical or emotional porn. The reasons for holding on to these things can be various but if you are unwilling to part with a video of an ex, in my mind, it might allude to one of the following things:

A.) you aren’t over them and like the slow emotional torture of revisiting that, remember that there is a very thin line between love and hate
B.) you haven’t found the Olympic fuck that will erase that memory yet
or sadly,
C.) you might be an idiot that does not realize the impact that keeping such content would have on your partner

To me, whether it be video, notes or pictures if you cannot let it go – there is reason to be suspect. If I were you, I would ask him why it is so important to him still and request one more time that he deletes the video. If he fails to comply, it might be time for you to pull out some bounty and sneak in the fact that your ex made you cum 3 times with his eyes closed, we’ll see how much he cares then. If he doesn’t, find a man that’s willing to let you be his living sex dream instead of someone stuck in the remnants of a failed past.

“Hey Zeena, So, I was dating this girl for six weeks. One day, out of the fucking blue, she calls it off. I find out a few weeks later she left because she was afraid I was going to hurt her. How can I convince her I won’t hurt her? — PHILIP”

The Bombshell says…
This could actually be a valid excuse because we as women sometimes cannot believe that someone can be real, especially after countless heartbreaks and lies, men need to understand that we become skeptical of anything being real at all. Over the past few months I have surprisingly met a bunch of guys that feel the same way and I think that my opinion has swayed a bit from that, not all men are evil – it’s a certain human personality type that can crush a soul knowingly and not care. I would say that if this is true and she isn’t pulling some bullshit on you, the best way to make amends is to sit with her and candidly speak about your feelings with her, give her assurance. Prove to her that you are interested in her life and want a part of it, since that is the core of being in a healthy, fun and loving relationship make sure to go that extra step. There’s nothing worse thank putting your heart on the line and getting hurt in return, be kind.

Boxx Talk – Vday 2012 from Zeena Koda on Vimeo.

And now, some quick Bombshell shots from Facebook and Twitter:

“How backed up do you have to be before it is ok to hit the Ashley Madison website? — Paul”

The Bombshell says…
If you’re in a relationship and not hittin that – #1 sign something is not right. We all get busy, but if you haven’t had sex with your partner in more than a month i’d definitely be concerned and really consider why you are still in the relationship. Think of it this way – the difference between a GOOD FRIEND and BOY/GIRLFRIEND is sex, period. Without it the relationship doesn’t exist in that form. Also, Ashley Madison?! Jeez, go to a bar, liquor up a skank and play relationship roulette – you’ll see then if you have the dedication to take it there.

“Is a lapdance better when a stripper is crying? — Mike”

The Bombshell says…
Depends on how hot the stripper is. Some women are very pretty when they cry. Lapdances, to me, are such a waste. Just go the extra $50 and top it off at that point!

“Has social media kept people MORE honest in relationships or LESS honest in relationships? b/c social media connects u to more ppl (easier to cheat) but at the same time u can get tagged in pics/locations/wall comments(hard as FUCK to cheat) — Tony”

The Bombshell says…
I think it’s been a curse and blessing in both. In many ways social networking makes it easier to meet people, but there are so many contextual undertones to what actions mean that a person could drive themselves CRAZY trying to discern. As I always say to my friends, there are WAY too many ways to communicate and it becomes hard to get away or hide. Bottom line, if you’re shady offline, you’ll be shady online. Some people are easily blinded but you need to fact check, grab the UV light in your minds eye and scour to keep piece of mind.

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