Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell with Zeena Koda

Sirius XM Liquid Metal’s Zeena Koda has done it again…you’ve asked, and she’s delivered her latest batch of responses to your pressing questions. And keep the questions coming in…she’s here to provide advice on whatever it is you’re confused about. This week, Zeena answers some music-related questions and one about tension during the holidays. Check it…

“Zeena, what suggestions would you offer to someone like me, who lives in the middle of nowhere and wants to foster a scene? There are a few bands in our area that are good, but is there more you can do beyond just playing as many basement shows as you can? — Chuck from Montana

The Bombshell says…
In all honesty, I don’t think it’s ever possible to “create” a scene and whenever it’s cultivated in a non-organic fashion, shit always eventually hits the fan. Most music communities are based on friendships and camaraderie. One thing I’ve always loved about the hardcore scene is the “family” feel — taking care of your own, giving respect to your musical peers, letting inhibition down and generally just enjoying music with like-minded people. That very feeling is what — as a musician — I look for in a community, so when I look for opportunities for my band, I seek out shows with similar-minded bands, friends of friends and people I’d generally want to see, hear and work with again. The flip side of this is if you are looking to “make it” and go above and beyond the local community, you’ll need to start hitting the virtual pavement and doing some research on other bands you can show swap with near you and in surrounding states. The Internet revolutionized communication; use it to your full advantage — hit people up, start playing some shows out of your area and you’ll gain more insight on broadening your scope. Overall, the #1 thing you’ll need is a few choice friends in the music community to get you in; always make sure you put on a show you never know who could be watching.

“Every year, just before the holidays, me and my wife fight about whose house we’ll visit…my folks or hers. It always causes a lot of stress for us and I end up miserable, sitting on the couch watching football. And I don’t like football! If there is a happy medium to be found, we certainly have not found it. Please help me with a compromise. Keep in mind, she always wants to go she her parents. — Komatony

The Bombshell says…
Since we’re rolling up on Thanksgiving, this is definitely a pressing issue. My #1 suggestion, no matter where you end up? Make sure you are sufficiently intoxicated with your demon of choice because dealing with the fams of a significant other can either be a grand ‘ol time or torture, depending on the situation and if you’re at least crocked you can tolerate the situation. With women, you will never win, just accept it. In a relationship, even if we’re wrong, we’re right and if she always wants to go to her parents there probably isn’t much you can do about that one fact. However, you need to pull out a chip here and if you pull a sensitivity angle, you can TOTALLY win this over — express your concern with her but spin to expose your discomfort, not because of her, but because of you – i.e.; “Football confuses me, I feel so inadequate when your pops talks about it…”

What that will do for you is allow you to either A.) Get some killer sympathy sex, B.) Guilt her into going to your parents instead or even, C.) Give you a “get out of jail free” when she catches you talking to that hot waitress. It’s all about how you spin it with this and remember, a woman may forgive, but we NEVER forget…stock up on some booze and greenery, suck it up and get that CHIP, brah!

“I think you’re great on the radio and had a question. Nothing I need advice on. I just wanted to know what metal record you couldn’t go without. What one record would you advise kids who are just getting into metal to own? — myloosethread

The Bombshell says…
I dread nothing more than that question actually because metal, like candy and hot men, comes in many scrumptious varieties but across the board — whether you like hardcore, thrash, death, grind, tech and even punk rock, one album everyone should own is Slayer’s South of Heaven. Production wise, I can’t adore it enough. Just take yourself back to that time, the scale of what they were trying to get at is just massive to me. It’s cunning, sexy as fuck, probably inadvertently multi-faceted, and really, can resonate with almost ANY music listener. Melodically, the riff interplay with the rhythm and vocals just locks in so tightly, and there’s some great rhythmic references that draw in a whole old school punk feel too, which always wins me over. Plenty of people will have a different opinion, but for ME it’s an atomic combo of all the seminal beauties of metal. 

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