Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Zeena Koda returns this week with her answers to your tough questions — as well as another installment in her “Box Talk” video series, which can be seen at the very end of this post. As always, we need more questions for Zeena — musician, writer, Sirius XM Liquid Metal DJ — to answer so leave them in the comments section below.

Z: Every time I bang my chick, she wants me to get her off by rubbing her clit. Not that I hate doing it, but it takes her fucking 20 minutes to cum. If I fail to get her off, she gets pissed and says sex isn’t fair. Is this typical of most couples? I had never heard of getting the girl off every time until I started seeing this chick. Most guys don’t do this for their girls, right? — Tron

The Bombshell says…
There is no sexual yardstick that credits and discredits actions, so I have to say in my eyes you should do (and want to do) whatever it takes to make sure your lover leaves equally as pleasured. The best lovers are those that tend to the needs of their partners first; it’s almost like a reverse mind game — give, and ye shall receive. Not wanting to participate in an action that gets your lover off is selfish and does make sex unfair for the party that isn’t getting off — especially if this is your “girl” and you want to lock her in, you might want to reconsider.

A girl can easily forget a mediocre encounter, but you NEVER forget a mind-blowing orgasm. I’d say this is pretty typical, whether or not the other party wants to admit it because most girls let it slide for the sake of not bruising the man’s ego. Sad yes, but very true. If you want to continue have satisfying sex with your lady, you should learn to love the act a bit more — women need to be riled up, and many times without that extra stimulation it may not lead to a happy ending for them. Put the legwork in; if she’s putting it in for you, that’s what a good man does.

Zeena: I think I may have a thing for a she-male who lives nearby. S/he has invited me over for drinks and I am scared and excited at the same time. Should I accept the invite? Does this mean I’m gay or bi? Help me. I am just so confused. — C.J.

The Bombshell says…
I met this she-male not too long ago who made me look like a butch bee-atch; s/he had a boatload of flair, secure femininity, and aesthetically had a killer rack and booty. If I was a dude, I would have totally made a pass at her/him. The craziest part to me as a woman was seeing the amount of game s/he had: guys buying drinks and asking for numbers, girls glazing over in jealously — sheer madness for the illusion, it was a lesson in being a better woman for myself. The line is thin and especially these days, you never REALLY can know until you’re faced with the raw truth of the existence of a “member.”

Some transgendered folks could argue that the criteria is much more loose but if you are a straight male who generally dates other straight women, this might take you out of that sexual zone. However, at the end of the day who really cares what they call you? If you dig someone and are sexually attracted to them, the only thing holding you back is your awareness to society’s judgment. I know plenty of people who openly and secretively play both sides of the fence; to them love and attraction don’t necessarily need a definitive title, so it all really depends on how secure you are with the potential reality of this situation. Hey, you never know…

So Zeena, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. What are 5 bands that you can’t live without? – Jimmie Carson

The Bombshell says…
It’s beyond difficult to narrow it down to five but I can definitely get it to the most recent 10 that I have been killin’ on the regular. I have to say that I go through musical phases (as does everyone else, whether they can admit that or not) where some things sneak in more than others or I totally dive into exploring different genres of music. It all depends on my mood and there are also times where my ears are more attuned to one style than another; it’s just human, the curse of a discerning ear. Also, maybe it’s age, perhaps it’s the sheer quantity and quality of the music being released these days but I find it harder and harder to be sold on and fall in love with them. You REALLY need to wow the shit out of me, and the only 3 bands in the last few years that have done that are Trap Them, Black Breath and Kvelertak.

Here are 10 of my top go-to, ear-zexing bands of all time:
Murder City Devils
Faith No More
Suicidal Tendencies
Cave In

Box Talk – Love Games (April 2011) from Zeena Koda on Vimeo.

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