Asus Zenfone 2: A Comprehensive Review

Asus is trying its best to compete favorably with big players in the field like Apple and HTC. The Zenfone 2 has very impressive features.

Here is a comprehensive Asus Zenfone 2 Review:


  • A hard plastic chassis
  • 5.5 inch full HD screen
  • Weighs 170 g
  • Shiny finish

The chassis is available in variety of colors, ranging from silver, red, gold, to black. The screen measures 5.5 inches and it is full HD. It is made up of corning gorilla glass. The device has a shiny matte finish. The upper, side and front panels are made from shiny black plastic characteristic of older iPhones.

The back, window, multi-tasking and home buttons at the bottom front of the screen are tiny, unobtrusive, and still allow for a comfortable grip. The curved back also makes it very comfortable to hold. The volume button at the rear reduces the number of buttons on the sides. It sits under the forefinger when one is holding the phone normally.


The battery runs at 3000 mAh. It can charge up to 60% in 40 minutes, something that can be attributed to the fast charging technology by Intel.


The Zenfone has a 13MP rear camera with an aperture of 2.0. The front camera is 5MP. It also a low-light mode which helps produce brighter photos at night, by up to 400%, with no flash. It has a dual-color flash which gives subjects a warm skin tone.


The Zenfone has a 64-bit quad core Z3580 processor whose speed is 2.3GHz. The RAM is 4GB.


  • The Asus Zenfone 2 also has ZenUI updates, which will keep apps up to date
  • More Impressive features
  • Issuing of commands from the phone’s desktop
  • Double-tap to shrink
  • Snapview
  • 4G and Wi-Fi connections
  • Kids-only area
  • Additional touch gestures

Apart from having a great design, the Asus phone has very impressive features. One of the unique features is being able to issue commands from the phone’s desktop when locked. For instance, drawing a ‘W’ will unlock the device’s web browser. You have to set the commands, and only 5 commands are allowed
The double-tap to shrink command allows you to shrink the size of the desktop to about 60%. This helps when using the phone with one hand as it is very easy to reach the far corners of the screen.

The device has Snapview, which keeps private files separate from work files. There are 4G and Wi-Fi connections which aid in speedy wireless transfers. The device comes with a kids-only area, something that Windows phone has already implemented

ZenMotion also has additional touch gestures. For instance, when you shake the device, you can close an email and save it.


A downside to the Asus Zenfone 2 is that since it is considerably small in size, its weight is a bit on the higher side.

All in all

The Asus Zenfone 2 has very many features, ranging from the design, a great camera, a fast-charging battery, a fast processor and a number of additional impressive features. It is undoubtedly a worthy purchase. It is set for release in the second quarter of 2015, and it may start at $199.

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