ATR’s Phil Labonte Starts Twitter War With Metal Blogs

Phil, Phil, Phil…

Phil Labonte is not the sharpest tool in the box, by any stretch, but he is a tool who thinks outside of the box…the sand box.

That’s literally where Phil Labonte ceased to evolve intellectually. No shit.

Today, the All That Remains leader and auto-tune utilizer took to Twitter to lob an attack at the Metal Injection dudes. Only, he directed his homophobic comment at the wrong site.

He called out Metal Insider before realizing his blunder and apologizing.

Citing a slow news day, both sites — and their sister (or…brother?) sites — used Phil’s fuck up to make themselves the story.

This eventually turned into a back-and-forth insult exchange over Twitter, with Phil claiming blogs like Metal Injection wouldn’t exist without dudes like him and Metal Injection simply highlighting Phil’s failings as a human being.

Phil’s short. I happen to know short dudes will always throw down. Trust me. So I don’t doubt for a second that if Phil and the Metal Injection dudes were face-to-face having this exchange, Labonte would go apeshit on them. He’s also pretty jacked, and usually armed.

Like most metal bloggers I know, the Metal Injection dudes are nice, but…don’t seem the physical altercation participating type.

I happen to know Frank is a chill cat, and Rob…I just don’t see Rob even making a fist let alone use one.

Speaking as someone who has been in fights and hence knows where it hurts to get hit, and will only fight now if I feel it necessary for mine or someone else’s survival, I can tell you most of the metal blog dudes I have met are fucking pussies who just talk big.

Why? Because it’s easy to talk shit online, especially when people don’t know your real name or what you look like.

That said, I’ll be at Tiger Flowers’ show tonight, if you’d like to step.

In the meantime, I feel like we should set up some sort of a pay-per-view boxing event to settle today’s bullshit Twitter fight.

Metal Injection versus Phil Labonte. In a steel cage. With four available weapons to strike blows with.

The bottom line is online fights are the dumbest thing ever, and so is Phil. But so is participating in a Twitter war with someone of inferior intelligence.

I just felt it necessary to point out that most metal bloggers are pussies who’d piss themselves if someone actually wanted to fuck them up.

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