Back-up Gmail Emails – How To Guide, Tips and Tricks

If you have important emails that you wish to save, you’re reading the right article. Even if Gmail is a big name, even the mighty ones can fall. Gmail hasn’t been a stranger to clashes and crashes and if it happened once, it can happen again. So it’s better to be safe than sorry! That is why saving your emails should be a priority, especially if you have important ones. One way of backing up your emails is to opt for an email client, either Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. The other variant is to set-up another email backup application. But enough with the small talk, let’s see how it’s done:

Desktop Email Clients for Backing up emails

If you’re operating on Microsoft Windows, Outlook must be installed on your device. This is an email client, which contains a feature that allows you to download all of your emails. In order to make this happen, start by connecting your Gmail with Outlook. Here are the basic instructions:

  • Start your Gmail account
  • Tap on Settings (notice the gear symbol) and go to Settings
  • Look for Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click Enable IMAP
  • Hit the Save changes
  • Go to Outlook and open it
  • Head on to File, then Info and last but not least click on Add Account
  • The next step is to link your Gmail account: Make sure you add your name&password here
  • Hit Next and then Finish

You must allow Outlook to operate once in a while, in order for your emails to be downloaded.

Instructions for Mac (this operating system X functions just like Windows):

  • Start by initiating the Mail application
  • Go to Mail then Preferences and then Accounts
  • Choose Google from the given list of accounts and after that, make sure you add your name and Gmail address as well as your password. This must be done before you click the Set Up (see it in the bottom right corner).

And that is all there is to it! Remember to run the app now and then to download all of your important emails.

Of course you also have the option of choosing software such as Fetchmail, Backupify or Gmvault Gmail Backup. These are also great alternatives. In order for the applications to be set in motion, you must add your personal info.

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