Bands From My ‘Hood: Without Mercy

Canadian band is worth checking out

Without MercyWithout Mercy

Without Mercy

Now, when I was going to high school in Western Canada, I wasn’t into the local metal scene very much. To me, these bands meant nothing and were just small time compared to the signed, popular brethren. I soon realized how naive I was when I heard a certain band play from around my hometown of Chilliwack, British Columbia.

It quickly proved to me that talent is everywhere, you just have to find it. Pretty much every band ever starts out indie and slowly works their way up. 

Without Mercy is the band that completely changed my outlook. I went to school with their bassist and didn’t even realize it til years later. The riffs are killer and it’s so insanely heavy, I had to make it a point to find out who these dudes are. 

I never really thought anything of it until, again, years later. I started discovering Vancouver metal bands and the ridiculous skill that was abundant in that city.

Little did I know, that same band, Without Mercy, is still kicking after all these years and now have a complete solidified lineup. They spent mass amounts of money to independently produce their latest EP Reborn.

After all the personnel changes, the heaviness remains intact. The final product is something to behold and I’m super proud of not only the album but them as musicians as well.

DJ Temple is the patriarch who formed the band all the way back in 2004. I was only 15 years old at the time. “The Ginger Tornado” has blazed a path with his guitar and downright ferocity on that instrument. Drummer Matt Helie is a short haired version of Vinnie Paul and can smack those skins with the best of them.

Bassist Tristan Martin is not only prevalent in shredding his bass but looking classy while doing it. He also sold me my latest Jackson guitar. Alex Friis is the man behind the microphone and words can’t even do this man justice. He’s breathed new life into the destruction of the vocals and channels Corpsegrinder himself every time he hits the stage. 

I’ve managed to see them a few times now and I’m very impressed with the live show. DJ could moonlight as a standup comedian and the band as a whole just owns it. I cannot wait for a full fledged album from them. 

There’s a smell in the air in the Vancouver local scene and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Oh, right…it’s the people who don’t listen to Without Mercy. They smell like a bitch!

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