Bat Probably Give Venom Wood



Not directly. With their music. Anyone getting it on with Venom is probably the last thing you’d wanna see. ESPECIALLY with Gene Hoglan and Vinnie Paul.

So the other day we ran a story about Bat, this hip new group composed of members from Municipal Waste and D.R.I. Well, turns out they’ve cranked out a demo EP called Primitive Age, and it is thrashtastic.

Normally I absolutely hate it when people make up words on the fly, just to make some bastardized attempt at being both topical and goofy. Believe you me, though, there is no other word that can describe Bat than “thrastastic.” It’s totally West Coast, classic thrash metal.

If I had not downloaded this album for free on Bandcamp, I would have thought it was from the early days of thrash and had been forgotten even harder than Testament and Exodus in the wake of Metallica and Slayer.

It would have been an interesting marketing ploy for Bat to consider: only release vinyl and make those releases super busted looking. Age the covers, scratch the vinyl, and only allow pawn shops and flea markets have copies. All of a sudden you’d have metal hipsters who care about ancient thrash, crust, and crossover bands blowing loads all over their britches about this band that not even the old dudes in Motörhead battle jackets know about.

That’d be some shit, huh?

And speaking of crust, lemme tell ya, Primitive Age sounds like Venom’s dried up, flakey skid marks. It’s crusty as old poop is what I’m getting at. Just listen to it. I mean it’s really, really cool. It makes me want to buy a new ball cap and flip the bill up.

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