Battle of the Band Babes: Vengeance Vs. Shadows

Vote like the wind

I think it was in 2007 when I was riding along with Ozzfest and I befriended the Avenged Sevenfold guys. I remember the first day of the tour, those guys were walking around backstage, and I swear to you, I saw five of the hottest bitches to ever grace a tour bus hanging out with those bastards. I was immediately jealous and wished I was on TRL too, because these biddies were pump-worthy, to say the least.

What do you know? This week’s installment in the Battle of the Band Babes showoff features two of the Avenged Sevenfold ladies: frontman M. Shadows’ wife Valary and Zacky Vengeance’s old lady, Gena. Both ladies are delicious and both ladies have bodies that could give even eunuchs boners. Both ladies are deserving of your vote — but who is the hottest of the two?

You see, three weeks ago, Gun Shy Assassin launched this column to determine which metal dude has the most amazing piece of arm candy. Who, among metal’s current school, would you want to be for a day, if only because you’d be able to nail his girl? If you haven’t voted in our previous installments, then hop to it, people.

And again, band guys: Don’t take this the wrong way. We only wish we could land fotch [Edit: Female crotch] that gorgeous, and ultimately, we are just jealous pricks who have no right to judge anyone. But we’ll do it anyway. So, don’t get all pissed off at us lusting after your ladies: Take it as a compliment. We haven’t gotten any complaints yet, but this could be the week. You never know.

So, tell us: Who wins this round, M. Shadows’ wife Valary or Zacky’s longtime girlfriend, Gena? By the end of this process, we will figure out — once and for all — which band dude has the hottest, sexiest, most bangarific babe in metal. Now, vote.



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