Battlefield Hardline vs. GTA 5: Who Will Come Out On Top?

The gaming fraternity is gearing up for the battle between two best-selling games, Battlefield Hardline and GTA 5. Both the games are well known franchises and have received a lot of recognition from video game fans all over the world.

While GTA 5 is based on the traditional theme of the Grand Theft Auto series, Battlefield Hardline shifts focus to the battle between cops and robbers for the first time in the game’s illustrious history which lends a different perspective to the game. Which one of these is going to have a greater impact? Let us try and figure that out.


Rockstar Games have put in quite a lot of work in making GTA 5 Online Heists a more attractive prospect to gamers across the world and have offered a story driven gameplay which is something that the gaming world loves to see these days. There is lot of fresh new content and players have the opportunity to take up new roles instead of playing as just another player.

However the changes have their own advantages and disadvantages too. One of the major ones being that the leader is now awarded only after the completion of the entire heist unlike old times when rewards were given after each round. What makes the entire deal an even better one is the fact that GTA 5 now has a complete first person mode on consoles and PC.

Battlefield Hardline

The game is arguably the biggest competitor for Rockstar’s GTA 5 this year and is a game meant to satisfy the appetite of hardcore shooting lovers. The arsenal of guns has been upgraded once again and included several new additions. There are more options to customize the gameplay and enhanced ways to tackle and handle criminals. One similarity is that you will also be able to arrest criminals and will be involved in cop chases.

The difference lies in the way the cars are handled as GTA has a more race and drive oriented platform. Battlefield has been known to offer high quality graphics and Hardline does not disappoint in that category. There are plenty of new maps that seem more realistic, which is due to the hard work put in by the designing team.

Overall it is a great time to be a gamer as you can try out and make a judgment by yourself. There is multiplayer support, multi-level robberies and awesome vehicular combat on offer. While Hardline may suit gamers who like to play with a keyboard and mouse as it will let them enjoy the game in a more colorful manner, GTA 5 takes the top spot if you love high speed car chases, detailed costumes and a thrilling robbery scenario.

When you take all the factors into account, it is a close call between the two heavyweights of the gaming world. GTA 5 though offers just a bit more with respect to online heists as Battlefield Hardline is all about four awesome gameplay modes that EA have developed recently. Still, it anybody’s choice as both these games look to be successful ones and will definitely disappear from the shelves at the rate of knots when they are released.

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