Behemoth’s Nergal Responds To Outpouring Of Support


Since news first broke that Behemoth frontman Nergal would be receiving treatment for advanced leukemia, the leader of the Polish extreme metal act’s spoken only once — to confirm the dismal news. But now, Nergal — inspired by the overwhelming amount of support that’s flooded his inner sanctum since last week — has spoken out again, to thank everyone for the well wishes.

In a press release from Metal Blade, Nergal — who is in need of a bone marrow transplant — admits he is shocked by the reaction to his illness.

“Regarding my personal low opinion of humankind, I’m shocked by the reaction to my illness,” he explains. “I actually expected nothing yet received feedback which surpassed all expectations. I want to ensure you I read each mail I receive, although I’m unable to reply to all of them. The power of your words is pure magic and I thank you all for it.”

I truly, truly hope — with every fiber of my being — that Nergal makes it through this. He’s a solid dude and Behemoth are an important fucking band. “You are a gigantic indestructible army that truly inspires me in this difficult time. The fact is that a fight with this illness is going to last for many months. Most of this time I will spend in [a] hospital and I will go through various psychophysical states. If you know the history of Behemoth, you also know we achieved everything by hard work and a steely determination. The same goes for my private life. I happen to be a strong son of a bitch.”

He sats he know he’ll come away from this fight stronger than ever, and emphasized that Behemoth would not be resting on its laurels while he went through his treatment. “Obviously all concert plans must be postponed until some unknown point in the future, but things are happening,” he plugged. “Lately our newest video for ‘…Alas, Lord is Upon Me’ has premiered and stirred up quite a storm in mass media, which fills us with utter pride. Plus we’ve just finished the project of our new DVD,” Evangelia Heretika.

“As you can see, despite a complicated situation and difficult circumstances we’re remaining active wherever we can,” he continues. “Finally, I want to comment on some opinions which, provoked by religious circles, lead to far-fetched and inaccurate interpretations. I was surprised to hear my illness became a pretext for some people to embark on their own crusade. Opinions suggesting I might come closer to God or abandon my ideals and grovel to the only correct world view in this country not only surprised but also frightened me. This is a typical example of supporting one’s own views by preying on someone’s misfortune. ‘He fell ill so he will convert to Christianity, he will discover the religion he fought against is actually close to him.’ Halt! Why should the illness change my point of view? It is true this is a difficult time for me and the thoughts of ultimate matters are hard to chase away. But the idea that I will change my opinions, priorities, and values as a consequence of my illness sounds as if someone regards my head, and not my body, ill.”

Offers for benefit concerts and fundraisers have also come in. Nergal says he’d rather people concentrate their efforts on donating bone marrow, because every person that registers to be a donor increases the chances of survival for Nergal and every other person out there suffering from the same illness.

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