Behemoth’s Nergal Under Fire For “Healing” Band


It seems Adam “Nergal” Darski can’t fart or scratch his nizznuts without coming under fire by Poland’s Catholic authorities. Now, the Satan-doting Behemoth frontman and “The Voice Of Poland” judge is giving his boss at Poland’s public broadcasting station TVP a headache.

The show’s producers are — for some reason — being asked for a detailed explanation for Nergal’s “provocative behavior” away from the show, which strikes me as odd.

According to Polish media reports, the Nergster made a special guest appearance during a recent gig by some Polish band named after a font. The show happened at the Hydrozagadka club in Warsaw.

Some of the members of Times New Roman turned up on stage in wheelchairs, donning hospital gowns. They had nurses by their side.

An announcer informed the crowd the band were physically unable to perform, unless they were “healed.” At that point, Nergal appeared on stage dressed as a clergyman, wearing a sash around his neck resembling a stole (a liturgical vestment of various Christian denominations, particularly within the Catholic Church and among the various Protestant communions of Anglicanism and Lutheranism).

Nergal then laid his hands on the heads of the musicians and they were miraculously “healed.” Nergal tore a Bible in half, and just released a video with full-on visible vagina, and they’re concerned that he was wearing vestments on stage and pretending to heal cripples? That’s not very phat.

Of course, the head of the network caved in under the Catholic pressure, and issued a statement saying Nergal showed a lack of respect not only for their religious beliefs but also for the sick and the disabled.

That’s fucking beyond lame.

Braun said that he considered such actions to be unacceptable and asked Darski for clarification on the matter. The TVP president also said that the current season of “The Voice Of Poland” will wrap in the coming weeks.

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