Best Offline Android Games

Android games are an excellent way to kill some time but it can be annoying to play online games. Sometimes 3G speeds are just too slow and they can lead to inflated cell phone bills. Let’s not mention the kind of issues that online games usually have. Loss of connectivity can ruin a game or even worse, they might not even start.

On the bright side there are plenty of great games that do not require an internet connection to be played. They only need to be installed and they are ready for action without being connected to the world of internet. Here are the top 5 offline Android games.

5. Temple Run 2

Some call it a classic. What can be said about Temple Run 2 is that the game has been around for quite some time and just like its predecessor it features a moderately exciting game in which the player needs to swipe left, right, up and down to avoid obstacles while running through a temple. The game becomes humorous each time the player loses as he will be attacked by a group of angry apes.

4. Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is one of the community favorite turn-based RPG games. The game is set in a futuristic environment in a partially destroyed Seattle city. Players will need to fight their way through and obtain gear such as guns, spells, abilities and other items that will ensure their survival. The story might not impress all that much but the gameplay and environment keep the game addictive. There are no multiple levels. The game features and endless run in an endless temple.

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an award winning game due to its artwork, smart gameplay and challenging levels. Players are tasked to guide a princes through a perspective-bending puzzle game. The images are simply hypnotic and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to make sense of what is showed on the screen due to the way the game is built.

2. Thomas Was Alone

Players that go beyond graphical appearances and look for a game that delivers a great story that is told with the air of geometrical shapes will love Thomas Was Alone. The voice acting and the story itself makes the game extremely captivating. It is easy to get emerged into the storyline and play for hours just to find out where things will go next. The gameplay itself is not challenging. Its greatest asset is the story telling and minimalistic graphics.

1. Limbo

Limbo is an Android game that oozes loneliness. It is a the story of a little boy that attempts to escape a monochromatic world while searching for his sister. Based on a simple plot Limo makes great use of excellent voice acting to emerge the player in a story about loneliness. Limbo presents a dark and sad world filled with dangers and a perpetual loneliness. Despite having a simple concept the game features amazing artwork in just black and white. This former classic indie PC game is now probably the best Android side-scroller game with only a couple of other titles managing to come close to Limbo.

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