Bethesda Releases Doom 4 Teaser, Is Fallout 4 Coming Next?

Bethesda is really excited about holding their first ever conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 and they are mighty prepared to face it with some of the biggest titles in gaming history.

If you have ever played games, you would never want to miss titles like Super Mario, Contra and when it comes to PC Gaming, Doom is the father of all games. Developed and designed by John Carmack along with his team, this is one iconic game which changed the world when it launched. A similar revolution was witnessed when Doom 3 got launched that paved way for modern day shooters. Now, the company is all ready to reveal the next in the series, Doom 4 which is going back to its original brightly lit atmosphere with some ferocious monsters to fight with.

Doom 4 Confirmed, Fallout 4?

You could start playing your favorite guessing game now because Bethesda has officially confirmed that Doom 4 will be revealed during E3 2015 conference. If they are going to showcase a title with the number four attached to it, shouldn’t they be talking about Fallout 4 as well?

There are many rumors related to the game and a lot of websites besides critics try to find a legitimate source to see if the next Fallout is coming or not. If you see the issue from a different perspective, releasing the next Elder Scrolls game doesn’t make much sense. It may not be a wise choice because the Skyrim is still good and kicking with lots of new mods dropping in every day.

Rumors so Far

There have been some elaborate rumors about Fallout 4 including the one related to Survivor 2299. The latest one in the list is from a German website which confirms that Bethesda is going to show the game and will announce it at E3 2015. But, they may not show gameplay videos immediately. Instead a conference behind closed doors will take place where a select group from the media will be able to see the game in action. They also confirmed that the game will be scheduled for a 2016 release.

If you are an eager fan of the series and are looking forward to a possible announcement, chances are high that Bethesda is planning for a reveal. There could be other games as well which will be screened during their conference which will be followed by other big events hosted by Microsoft, and Sony among others.

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