Betrayal Changes Name To Runaway Kids

New EP forthcoming from band who had a member busted last year for child porn possession

Runaway KidsRunaway KidsStrange.

A member of a band is busted for having kiddie porn, and that band changes its name to Runaway Kids?

No irony there, folks.

Yes, it’s true — Betrayal is no longer Betrayal. They’re the Runaway Kids.

They have a new EP coming out soon through Mediaskare Records.

They may have a new name, but you’re still not going to listen to them.

Says the band:

“Today marks a brand new chapter for us as a band. In the past few years, we’ve gone through so many difficult but ultimately amazing changes to bring us to where we are today. Calling ourselves Betrayal just doesn’t feel right anymore — our songs and style of music have made a complete change from anything previous from Betrayal, not to mention that Sean is the only lasting original member. Runaway Kids represents a new chapter that we are overly excited to start and have you all be apart of. We would like to thank everyone who has stuck around and come to shows, let us stay at their house, shared amazing memories with us and supported our band in any way and we hope you all continue to support us on this new journey.”

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