Bill Ward Knows His Shit

Bill WardBill Ward

Bill Ward

This interview proves it. The guy who did the interview contacted me last night, and wanted me to let you know he works for…because clicking on the fucking link I posted wouldn’t have brought you to his piece on that very website.

Bill Ward, who was unceremoniously excised from Black Sabbath, says he likes to keep up with current bands.

Says Bill:

“I try to give them some support, in the name of heavy metal. As far as I’m concerned, there’s very little in the way of credible air-support for metal bands, especially in southern California. So if, say, Slipknot has a new record out, they’re gonna be played. But I also try to play songs from lesser-known bands, and I try to get the bands on the show when I can. I like to fool around, playing things that are compatible with the shape of metal, so it’s not unusual for me to play something operatic, or classical. I’m having a lot of fun playing around with it. Like, I might be playing DevilDriver, and then, depending on how their song ends, the mood might allow for a sixty-second interlude of classical music. I’m always trying to deal with the moods and energy of the music. If I’ve done a five- or six-song set of high-energy songs, I’ll need to take a breath, so I want to give the listeners a breath as well. If I’m slamming six songs from some of the best bands in the world, that’s a lot of power coming at you. So I like to back off a little, let it breathe and then pour it back on again.”

Ward also said in the interview that he’s very impressed with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo’s playing and has heard some solo tracks from Dave that are “incredible! He just blows me away.”

But what bands is Ward really keen on? Aside from DevilDriver, some pretty cool shit.

“Amon Amarth are progressing really well. And I’ve got to wave the flag for bands like Soilwork, who are not necessarily new, but what they are doing is progressing, and they’re playing so fucking well. Same with a band like DevilDriver, where I’ll be listening and wonder, ‘What are they gonna do next?’ I’m blown away by those guys. Another one of my favorite bands is Celtic Frost. I also really like Today is the Day. And — I know it’ll never happen, what with Henke’s passing, but I also wish we could have a reincarnation of Disfear.”

He also name drops Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Krisiun, and Cryptopsy in the interview.

Go Bill Ward. I be you Ozzy doesn’t keep tabs on new bands. I could basically guarantee it.

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