Biohazard Frontman Talks Next Album

New material “heavier, faster, more aggressive”



In a new interview, Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei discussed the band’s impending follow-up to Reborn in Defiance.

Billy says they’re writing material for the disc now.

“It’s tough to talk about a record before you release a record,” he starts. “We’re writing, sharing ideas and jamming on new stuff. But until the record is done, you don’t know what’s gonna be on the record.”

He continued: “I remember, on the last record, there’s a song called ‘Reborn,’ and that was a song that we weren’t gonna put on the record, but now it’s a song we play live. It’s one of the few songs [from that CD] we play live.

“Sometimes you’re working on something and you’re so focused and you think it’s fucking awesome, and then all of a sudden, something just quickly comes along.

“[I have] hundreds [of ideas for the next album]. Some of the ideas I’ve shown the guys, and other ideas I haven’t shown them. [Drummer] Danny [Schuler] showed us his ideas, [guitarist] Bobby [Hambel] showed us his ideas, but there’s a lot of ideas that we haven’t had a chance to show each other either.

“[Making new music] with Biohazard, it’s the kind of machine that we just let run, let it go and [let it happen] naturally. When it’s right, when it’s done, it’s done.

“A lot of bands can work in a different way, where they can stop, ‘OK, cool. Next month, on the 15th, we’re gonna start writing the record for two weeks, then we record.’ We don’t work like that. It’s way more natural. It just happens. It just comes out. And then when enough of the shit comes out, we’ll put it together… You look at it, it’s, like, ‘Alright, it’s a big pile of shit.’ Let’s fucking record it.’ That’s pretty much it.”

In short: “It’s heavier, faster, more aggressive.”

And there you have it.

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