Birth A.D. Exclusive Song Stream: “Burn L.A.”

I Blame You

So, raise your hand if you like D.R.I. or S.O.D.

OK, that’s most of you. Now, put your hands down, and slap yourself in the face for actually raising your hand.

I have never been to Los Angeles; I’ve been to Sacramento, and hit Seattle. I’ve been to Arizona. Somehow, I fucking missed Los Angeles. Birth A.D., a Texas-based crossover thrash act, have clearly been there.

And did not like the experience one bit.

At the end of this post, you will find a venomous, jackrabbit-fast, punky thrash tune that will make you want to rise up and take some fucking action. What kind of action, I’m not sure. But action.

The song is streaming here exclusively, and comes from the band’s debut LP and Unspeakable Axe Records’ inaugural release, I Blame You. The album is scheduled for release on April 8.

Birth A.D. have been terrorizing their home state of Texas since 2008, dropped a tactical nuke of an EP (Stillbirth of a Nation) in 2009, and are now ready to leave the entire U.S. just a smoking crater with this formidable debut.

Honestly, this song brings me back to my college days, when I rocked punky, fast, spastic, crazy thrash almost constantly. I couldn’t get enough. Birth A.D. brings me back to that simpler time when I was angry about being too young to do anything about the world I was living in.

It makes me want to fuck shit up indiscriminately and perhaps that’s the point. This band specializes in aggressive music you will no doubt relate to — and nearly crack a few vertebrae in the process.

Unspeakable Axe, a sub-label of the mighty Dark Descent Records, has a roster of death, doom and black metal and will complement their parent label with a more thrash-oriented approach that harkens back to the roots of extreme metal.

Burn L.A.

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