Black Anvil, Ipsissimus Bring The Dark To Webster Hall

His Emissary

Yep — this happened on Tuesday. I’m a slacker. Have been all week. I had to catch up on some other freelance work and I’ve been dog-sitting all week too. That actually keeps you quite busy. I’ve also been seeing this girl lately, so I’ve been a little distracted. But that’s no excuse. On Tuesday night, I hit the bricks and headed down to the Studio at Webster Hall to see Black Anvil, The Absence, and my pal His Emissary’s band Ipsissimus. And dude — it rocked!

Ipsissimus were the openers and — after downing a few brews with the dudes — they delivered a punishing and at times humorous set. The recent addition to the Metal Blade family played songs from their forthcoming debut for the label, and hinted at an early 2011 release for their as-yet-untitled album. It was the perfect way to open the night, and turns out it was the band’s first performance on the island of Manhattan.

The Absence were next, and by that time, I was pretty fucking ripped. I was raring to go, screaming like a lunatic, and generally annoying the staff and people who were there. The band was sick, though. It was the first time I’d seen The Absence, and I was blown away. They just killed it; if you have a chance to see this band any time soon, I suggest you make it out.

At this point, I was psyched for Black Anvil. This was the band’s record release party. The new one, Triumvirate, had just landed on store shelves that morning. In fact, if you wanna hear the record, head on over to They are streaming it and I am a firm believer of listening before you buy. You’re gonna want to buy it — trust me.

Black Anvil destroyed that stage before a packed house, filled with kids who’d gone over to the nearest Best Buy to grab a copy of the record. I was drunk, I was headbanging, and then, this industry chick I haven’t seen in a king’s age ran into me. I spent the rest of the night trying to see if I could get into her pants. She was hammered, so I figured it’d be easy. And I probably could’ve, just for the fun of it. But I had a change of heart…once we were in better lighting.

But yeah, Black Anvil tore shit up. I do remember spilling my beer during their set because I was rocking the fuck out, man. My neck actually felt sprained the following morning. The band was tighter than a poodle’s fartbox and played with such intensity and at such a volume, you could feel the music reverberating through your body. Again, if you have a chance to see Black Anvil, make sure you go. They will fuck you up.

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