Boom Beach or Clash of Clans – Which is better?

What makes one game better than the other? The factors may vary and one of the most common is ease of playing. However, some people may prefer the more challenging ones. Let us compare Boom Beach and Clash of Clans based on 4 factors:

Build Times

The fact that Boom Beach has only one builder doesn’t translate to longer build times. In fact, the reverse is true. Boom Beach has shorter build times. The longest building upgrade takes just two and a half days when compared to the weeks that it may take in Clash of Clans. A new level 1 building will only take a few seconds to build.

In Boom Beach, diamonds, the premium currency, can be used to bypass some resource requirements for you to upgrade. They also help you finish buildings immediately. This is not the case in Clash of Clans as you have to stockpile gems so as to buy more builders.

Matchmaking and single players

Single player can be frustrating in Clash of Clans. Every level has fixed resources, yet it is possible to utilize them to the maximum and yet lose. With Boom Beach, single player is more dynamic. If you win, you get resources. If you don’t, you get none. The missions for single players can be respawn, so you can actually play against a personal PC.

In Boom Beach, you will begin to see enemy players once you get past the first few radar and HQ levels on your world map. Scouting of opponents is at absolutely no cost. It is okay if you don’t want to raid the base of another player. You can skip them after one day. There is no penalty if you skip fights that you cannot win. If your base is well-defended, you will not get attacked.


It is very tedious to move, arrange and upgrade walls in Clash of Clans. There are no walls in Boom Beach. Base management also requires less micromanagement. There is clear marking of unit drop zones and they are also outside the base area. It is difficult to arrange your base ‘wrong’ and allow units to spawn in your defenses.

Unit Management

In Clash of Clans, you must manage your barracks. This produces units for army camps. Each camp has a limit and each barrack has a training limit. Trying to keep the camps balanced can be pretty time consuming. In Boom Beach, every landing craft has a number of units, and they all have to be the same unit. It is easy to replace defeated units. The interface makes it easier to manage the unit mix.

If you drop the unit in Clash of Clans, an attack will consume it, whether it survives or not. It becomes difficult to decide the amount of forces to commit to an attack. The cost of training and the resources left have to linger at the back of your mind, which may lead to raids. The game needs you to concentrate on caution rather than boldness.

In Boom Beach, you can use a unit that survives again and again. You can preserve units by retreating from battles that you realize you will not win. If your opponents are weak, or are playing at an easy single player level, you need not retrain your entire army.
As we can see, in terms of ease of playing, Boom Beach takes the gold. However, if you like challenges and feel satisfied after achieving feats, Clash of Clans is the game to go for.

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