Bret Michaels Still Alive, Suing Cruise Company

Also known as Titanic 2

So, I was on Blabbermouth, a site that credited someone else with one of our stories like dicks, and read that TheWrap reported that Bret Michaels, unlike Jani Lane, is still alive.

He has to be, because Bret’s filed a lawsuit against Shoreline Tours, alleging that the cruise-ship company participated in “a fraudulent scheme” intended to get the Poison singer to drastically drop his agreed-upon fee for two solo performances on one of its cruises.

The suit alleges Michaels’ was approached by promoter Willie Donwell to perform a two concerts on a “Super Cruise” this fall, and that Donwell would be handling the promotion, as well as the collection of Michaels’ fee.

The suit further clams Donwell was “essentially a shill” for Shoreline in a “bait and switch” maneuver in order to get Michaels to cut his fee. Michaels and Donwell, the suit asserts, initially agreed to a $750,000 fee for the two performances, to be paid through Donwell in installments.

However, the suit says Donwell never had any intention of paying Michaels’ fee, and shortly dropped out of the deal, citing health woes. After an initial payment of $250,000 was made by Shoreline, Michaels alleges, the company, through its agent, Tim Towle, began complaining about poor advance ticket sales (claims that, the suit alleges, are fraudulent).

According to the suit, after the complaints, Shoreline sent a July 2011 offer to Michaels’ camp, offering to continue promoting the cruise if the singer would agree to perform for just $100,000 more than $250,000 he’d already received — or $400,000 less than $750,000 he’d initially agreed to.

No one pulls the wool over Bret’s eyes. NO ONE! Can you imagine that Bret Michaels was supposed to get paid $750,000 to go on a cruise and play two solo shows? Wow. Just wow.

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