Bullet For My Valentine Are Rubbish

Bullet For My Valentine

I’ve voiced my disdain for Bullet For My Valentine in the past; they’re cocky turd burglars who have no respect for Axl Rose and blocked my cock a few years back when I ran into a girl I knew from high school. I don’t like their music and I don’t like them. And now, I like them even less.

In a recent interview, Bullet’s Matt Truck said the following, when discussing the injection of metal into more mainstream media. Just read this (with my thoughts in parentheses).

“I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve opened a lot of doors for the world of metal, you know what I mean?” (Actually, I have no idea). “There are some people that like the band or whatever, and there are some people that fucking totally hate us” — (I could see that) — “because of what we do, but at the same time, what we’re doing for the genre as a whole is a good thing.” (What are you doing, exactly?) “We’re bringing it to a whole mass of people who wouldn’t have given a shit before we came along” — (Dude, you just said that? For real?) — “and that sounds maybe a little bit arrogant, I know, but it’s a fact! We’ve opened the door for this genre to become more of a mainstream, everyday life music.” (And you’re bragging about this, you fucking cunt?) “And that’s cool as fuck. We could be as heavy as we want, but we want to be more than that. We want to write songs that will stand the test of time.”

Fuck me, dude. Is that not the most pompous statement you’ve read since 1988? I love how Bullet For My Valentine “could be as heavy as we want,” but they want to do more than just be heavier. Every metal band, I feel, should aspire to be heavier. But these tools are clearly more concerned about the pay day. Which is fine — just fucking say that, dude! Then maybe I could respect you — especially when, in the same interview, you say this: “We’re not trying to be a big-selling global rock outfit. That was never the point. We’re just four friends writing music, and this is how it comes out. So to make that into a formula, I don’t know. It’s just something we’ve done very naturally.”

I guess your natural inclination is to tow the line, not push the heavy envelope when others are, and keep collecting those checks. Fucktards.

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