Burzum’s Varg Vikernes Arrested


That’s right — and this time, it had nothing to do with church burnings.

Reports claim Varg Vikernes (stage name: Count Grishnackh) was arrested this morning (July 16) near the town of Salon-la-Tour, a commune in the Corrèze department in central France.

The Burzum frontman — who served a Norwegian prison term for the 1993 murder of Mayhem’s Euronymous — was detained on suspicion of planning a “massacre.”

Fuck. What an asshole!

The 40-year-old Vikernes has been living on a French farm with his wife and three children. Agents from the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur, a French intelligence agency which reports directly to the Ministry of the Interior, made the arrest.

A search of Vikernes’ farm for weapons and explosives is ongoing at this hour.

His wife, a French national and a member of a shooting club, is said to have recently legally purchased four rifles.

Varg is known for being a racist son-of-a-bitch, among other things.

Racism’s so 1865. Varg needs to find a creative outlet for his unbridled rage. Like crochet.

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