Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Strategy

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gave everyone plenty of reasons to stay glued to the monitor for the past few months especially due to the multiplayer action. The very first DLC pack released by the developers called EXO Zombies seems to have created an even bigger hype around the game. The stakes are higher and the gore level has been upped a notch with the addition of this zombie invasion DLC.

The Basics

In EXO Zombies players will have to work with a skilled team of four characters. Amongst the voice actors we can see two notorious names. John Malkovich and Bill Paxton offered their voice to animate the two characters. Players are tasked with surviving each wave of zombies and the start is rough. When starting a new game the player does not an EXO Suit and the quantity of supplies is extremely limited. As the game progresses an EXO suit becomes mandatory.

The first step in obtaining one is to turn on the power. This will cost 750 credits to activate Administration A which is right behind the initial spawn zone. From that point the player needs to work his way through and activate all other generators, one at a time. The total cost in credits to activate power will reach 5000. This means that the player will need quite a few kills before power is up.

Once that is done move towards Hallway A and into the blue tunnel. Up the stairs there should be a door and beyond it there is the Morgue. Here is where the EXO-Room is found but it costs another 1250 credits to open. Once in there should be an option to equip an EXO suit. The suit itself should provide a few extra powers to survive and escape zombies during critical situations. It can fend off zombies, increase jump distance and can be upgraded.

Mystery Weapons Are A Priority

Mystery Boxes are found throughout the stage and they can contain powerful weapons that can help destroy waves of zombies. The first one can be found right next to the initial spawn zone by heading to the left and walking towards the main hub. The box should be right inside Hallway A on the right side. A yellow sign will mark its exact location.

The weapons acquired from Mystery Boxes can be upgraded. Their damage, reload speed and handling can be improved with each upgrade thus making them more efficient against zombies. A good idea would be to go for damage first to pierce through zombies with higher armor. Also higher damage means less ammo needed to blast away the undead.

Essential Survival Tips

It pays off to stay alert and keep an eye out for special zombie types. Some zombies can have abilities that are similar to the ones offered by the EXO suit and those can be extremely dangerous. When after a vicious attack the player gets bitten it is important to remember the location of the closes decontamination zone. Also if things go extremely wrong it is important to always revive teammates but without killing yourself. Another dead soldier will not help anyone.

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