Can We All Agree To Stop Asking Jon Schaffer Whether Iced Earth Will Carry On Or Not?

She’s sick of hearing about it

I mean, for fuck’s sake. If I have to write one more story about Jon Schaffer talking about how Iced Earth will come back stronger than ever after losing Matt Barlow, replacing him with Stu Block, I might have to kill my other cat.

So, everybody — let’s stop. Jon just keeps pumping us up in every interview, but enough is enough. We get it. So, Adrien Begrand of MSN’s metal page is the last one who gets to ask this redundant question.

“This has always been my career,” says Schaffer. “I have never had any desire to pursue anything else, I made a commitment 25 years ago when I started this band that this what I do. I’m a songwriter, Iced Earth is my vehicle to get my songs out. That’s who I am. There is no other side to me, there is no other thing, this is it. As long as I have something to say as a songwriter, Iced Earth moves forward. If that day comes to an end, then that day is probably over.”

Also redundant? Jon talking about how the band’s been around 25 years.

“I’ve been the captain of this ship for 25 years, I know what’s going on, and I know Stu has the ability, and I know he’s going to be a killer frontman for the band live, and he’s going to bring a whole new energy to it,” Schaffer said about early skepticism Block was an appropriate fit. “It’s invigorating and fun, and we’re excited. He gets our sense of humor, everybody’s excited about this: label, management, I am, the guys in the band are, Stu is really into it. That’s the thing, man, Iced Earth has had about a decade of not having a 100 percent committed, committed on a spiritual level, frontman. We just haven’t really had that, and that’s a big deal. So now that we’ve got that, we’re back. We’re back with a vengeance.”

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