Candy Crush Saga Free Download App is Just Another Solitaire

Next time you buy a laptop or upgrade your current system with a new version of Windows, you will find one game that is more interesting than the rest already installed.

Players stay glued to the screen while playing this game, just the way Solitaire was played years ago.

The New Solitaire

The game that brought its developer, King, to limelight, Candy Crush Saga is ready with some super exciting news once again. Looking at the popularity and the massive number of downloads King, the developers of Candy Crush Saga, experienced with this game; Windows 10 is full set to have this idea as a cherry on their cake for business growth. In addition to this, you will not have to play the game on Windows from scratch. However, you can pass over your progress from your Android phone to the iOS. Microsoft is expected to release the rest of the King games soon to the iOS. At this time, the developers have not set any release date, except announced this great news to the Candy Crush lovers. However, rumors are in the air that we can have this collaboration this summer.

How Much Candy Crash Saga Earns

Candy Crush Saga earned not less than eight hundred and sixty five million pounds in the year 2014 from its players. The in-app purchases of this game have propelled King to achieve tremendous results in this fanatic daily game. The cheat codes, the hints and the tricks are reportedly implemented and followed by every player of Candy Crush Saga. This has pushed more non-users to play this game with all the enthusiasm.

How Candy Crush Saga Can Benefit Windows

Pre-installing a game that can trigger such a thrill amongst the users can pull people to buy or upgrade to the Windows 10. In addition to this, the developers get a chance to port to the iOS from the daily Android versions of their games. With such a strong platform and high earning game, Windows can only be benefited, without bearing any loss, from featuring the pre-installed version of Candy Crush Saga in Windows 10 to the users. The game is mentioned as “a global phenomenon for good reason” and Windows can find no reason to disallow the idea of bringing in this game as a new tool while it was demonstrated. A game that has made the word ‘Candy’ a trademark, playing Candy Crush Saga has no negative effect except piling up of workload.

So crush some candies this summer with Solitaire and Minesweeper.

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