Canon EOS 70D vs. Sony Alpha A6000 – Which Branded Camera Should You Own?

Canon and Sony are two reputable names in the camera industry. Providing quality cameras for years, these companies have built a good image and developed brand loyalty among customers.

When it comes to modern day photography, the latest offerings offer a remarkable option to the prospective buyers. The Canon EOS 70D as well as the Sony Alpha A6000 have a big list of features. But, which one of the two branded cameras should you purchase? Let’s find out!


The Canon EOS camera comes loaded with a 20 MP lens, offering a high level of clarity and depth. This is a CMOS type camera with a crop factor of 1.6x. Apart from this, the standard light sensitivity is 12800 ISO, which can further be boosted to 25600 ISO by comprising the image quality. Moreover, the presence of sensor cleaning makes sure that the quality of images captured is clear.

On the other hand, the Sony Alpha A6000 is a CMOS camera with a 24 MP lens and 1.5x crop factor. This means that the lens of this camera is more powerful than its Canon counterpart. When it comes to light sensitivity, the standard level is 25600 ISO, whereas the boosted level is 51200 ISO. Hence, this camera provides better light sensitivity in low light snaps.

Winner: Sony Alpha A6000

Built-in Screen

With the availability of screen in many digital cameras, casual photographers are accustomed to live view. Hence, the Canon EOS as well as the Sony Alpha comes with a built-in 3-inch LCD screen. The two cameras have flip out screens with live view functionality. Though there are many similarities, some factors differ in the two branded CMOS cameras. While the Canon device has touchscreen functionality, the Sony A6000 has a standard display screen. Apart from this, the screen resolutions of 70D and A6000 are 1040k dots and 921k dots respectively. Hence, the Canon device is superior to its competitor.

Winner: Canon EOS 70D


The Canon 70D and the Sony A6000 are remarkable in terms of video capturing options. While the Canon device can capture videos at 1080p @ 30fps, the Sony A6000 records movies in the same resolution at 70D’s double frames per second. Apart from this, the 70D has phase detection autofocus functionality, in comparison to Sony’s contrast detection. However, some features like external mic jack and continuous focus are present in both the devices.

Winner: Sony A6000

Miscellaneous Features

There are several minor things that every photographer looks for. Being the renowned names in the camera market, Canon and Sony consider these factors and offer effective features. For example, the HDR functionality is present in both the cameras. Apart from this, the A6000 comes loaded with the panorama feature and image stabilization lens. When it comes to battery life, the Canon device can shoot 920 pictures at a go, in comparison to Sony’s 420 shots.

Winner: Tie

The Canon EOS 70D costs $1049 whereas the Sony Alpha A6000 can be bagged for $969. Moreover, the price tags of the two devices are quite reasonable in terms of the available features and specifications.

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