Canon EOS Kiss X70 vs. Nikon D3100 – Which CMOS-Type Camera Should You Choose?

The Canon EOS Kiss X70 and the Nikon D3100 are two CMOS-type cameras that promise to deliver quality images.

Canon as well as Nikon, being two of the most reputable brands, offers tremendous numbers of efficient cameras in the industry. But when it comes to the selection of one device between two CMOS-type cameras, which one shall you choose? Let’s find out!


The Canon Kiss X70 features a CMOS sensor that enables users to capture images at a maximum resolution of 18 MP. This device has the standard light sensitivity of 6,400 ISO. On the other hand, the Nikon D3100 is a 14.2 MP, a CMOS-type camera that offers a standard exposure of 3,200 ISO. This means that the Canon X70 provides more pixels and higher standard exposure than the D3100.

Apart from this, the two cameras have 1.6x crop factor and support RAW format. In addition to this, the maximum light sensitivity provided by the two cameras is 12,800 ISO. However, the Nikon device features a sensor cleaning functionality, which is not present in the Kiss X70. Overall, the Canon camera gives an edge over its competitor by providing more pixels and 100% higher standard exposure.

Winner: Canon EOS Kiss X70


The two cameras come with interchangeable lenses that enable users to mount appropriate lenses on different situations. Hence, lens availability plays a vital role in the efficiency of the two cameras. With that said, the Canon device is compatible with 197 lenses, including lenses of Canon EF series. In comparison, the Nikon D3100 supports 205 lenses of the Nikon F series. Hence, the D3100 gives users an edge over the Kiss X70 device.

Winner: Nikon D3100


The Canon camera has the dimensions of 130 x 100 x 78 mm, in comparison to D3100’s 124 x 97 x 74 mm. This clearly states that the Nikon device is 6 mm smaller, 3 mm shorter, and 4 mm thinner than its competitor. Apart from this, the Canon device weighs 480 g, whereas the D3100 hits the scales at 505 g. However, as the difference between the weight of two devices is 25 g only, none of the devices has an advantage over the other. Overall, the Nikon device is smaller and, hence, more convenient for the users to hold while clicking images.

Winner: Nikon D3100

To sum it up, the Canon X70 has more powerful sensor, whereas the D3100 provides better lens availability and handling convenience to the users.

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