Chad Gilbert Handled Vocals On New Shai Hulud Record

Shai Hulud

So, back in April, it was revealed that Chad Gilbert, formerly of Shai Hulud and currently of New Found Glory, would be producing his former band’s new album for Metal Blade.

It’s now been revealed Gilbert not only produced the record, but provided the vocals for the upcoming new album.

Gilbert is set to the stage with the band this weekend in Miami at the “Reel & Restless Fest.”

He’ll also appear with the band for their coming New York City gigs, playing the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show at Irving Plaza October 13.

Another as-yet unannounced October 14 show is also in the works, rumor has it.

“It’s been a strange and unpredictable journey, friends,” starts guitarist Matt Fox, “and the journey continues. Spare us a few moments, and we’ll fill you in on the recent goings-on.

“Your friendly neighborhood Shai Hulud has indeed finished recording a new album which will be released on Metal Blade Records in 2013, keeping with the it-takes-these-guys-forever-to-release-an-album motif we’ve honed and perfected,” Fox jokes. “Regarding the record, it’s never easy to sing praises of your own work. That said, allow us to humbly suggest we’re fairly confident you won’t be disappointed — taking a break from listening to, scrutinizing and nitpicking something you’ve immersed yourself in does wonders for your perception of it.”

OK. I like what I’m hearing.

“Having done just that, we can conclusively state we are very proud of the album — though not to satisfaction, of course, because as we all know, that is the death of desire. See what we did there?

“Our friend and former singer, Chad Gilbert, who produced the album also returned to sing,” Fox says. “This is the first time in over a decade he provided recorded vocals to a Shai Hulud song, much less an entire album — his first since Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion in 1997, and distinctively the first time Shai Hulud features the same vocalist on two full lengths, mimicking our friends in Further Seems Forever who see their original singer, Chris Carrabba, return to sing on their forthcoming album Penny Black due out this year.”

I love seeing bands plugging other bands.

“Surely, a majority of you saw this coming. We knew our elusive responses of ‘Clark Griswold’ when asked ‘who sang on the album?’ would foster this very speculation. Tacitly obvious, really. Hidden in plain sight even. If this is a total shocker to you, don’t worry too much; while banking, and parking in metropolitan areas is sometimes difficult, with moderate help you should manage well enough. In theory.

“Just to be clear, Chad has not rejoined Shai Hulud, and it’s highly unlikely there will ever be a full tour with with him fronting the band.”

Maybe they should focus on getting a new singer, then.

“The journey continues, moving forward as we always have with the help and support of our friends, and those we have connected with musically. Within a day or so we will posting details on what we always look for in the singer of a Hardcore band. We hope to be hearing you.”

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