Chelsea Grin Bassist Asks Fans To Fund Pet’s Surgery

Chelsea Grin

This is the world we live in, folks — a world where some people in bands feel entitled, and think nothing of asking their fans for cash. They think they can do whatever the fuck they want, because, well, they can slap a bass moderately well.

Ours is a world where artists ask for fans to hand over their dough before they ever hit the road or studio, and where online panhandling is becoming the fucking norm.

Yesterday, crowd-funding took a rather disturbing turn for the worse. David Flinn, the bassist for Chelsea Grin (a band known for killing people with its culling song), took to the internet to ask his fans to help fund his pet’s impending surgery.

“Hey guys,” the dick-lick writes. “Today my puppy Solo broke 3 fingers and his growth plate and needs surgery. I can’t pay for it so if anyone wants to help please, check either mine or the CG Facebook for my Paypal email and more info on how to help. Sorry to ask any of you for help.”

Flinn writes that “I want to apologize for what I’m about to ask for,” but asks for it anyways. The dog will have surgery this morning.

“Some of you may know that most musicians don’t make that much money. The surgery is going to cost $2,300 and I have to pay it up front. I know this number sounds ridiculous for a pet but I’m sure if any of you have had to go through this, you know it is not cheap.”

You know, I once had a cat that was severely sick, and it was going to cost a couple of thousand to treat him with no promise of a full recovery. I didn’t have the money, so I made the tough choice to put the animal down.

I didn’t shamelessly go online seeking money from my readers.

“I have enough money to pay for rent and food for my family but after that I can not afford the surgery so I have no choice but to ask for your help,” he writes.

No choice, huh? Right.

“If I had anyone else to ask I would but I don’t really come from money. So this is where you come in. If anyone would like to help by donating any amount of money it would help greatly.

It took less than three hours for Flinn to fleece $2,000 from his idiot fans to pay for the surgery.

By the way you dumbass, dog’s don’t have fingers — they have toes. Moron.

You know, Flinn asked his fans to cough up the cash right after returning from an international tour I’m sure he made absolutely no money on.

Once the amount was raised, Flinn asked that people stop donating, and wrote, “Anymore money sent from this point out will be refunded immediately! We have reached the goal and I don’t want anything else. thank you so much for all of your help. this is insane. Chelsea Grin fans are the best in the fucking world I owe you all my life!!!!!!”

Fuck this guy, his dog, and his band.

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