Chris Adler And Dave Mustaine Get Tacos

Rumors that the Lamb of God drummer is working on the new Megadeth seem legit

The revealing shotThe revealing shotYou know what that means, people?

Dave Mustaine and Chris Adler like tacos.

The Megadeth frontman and the Lamb of God drummer sat down for a chat in a fast-food restaurant yesterday.

The image of the two metallers was taken in some eatery, but we don’t know where that eatery is, exactly.

The shot was posted online by My Chemical Romance’s former drummer, and shows that Dave likes Coke while Chris is a water man.

Adler is supposedly playing drums on the new Megadeth record, which the band was going to start tracking this week.

Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro is also supposed to be playing on the new record.

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