Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein Talks Beer, Cocaine

Kirk Windstein

An old acquaintance of mine contacted me recently to apologize for something that happened years ago and I haven’t thought of in a while. This person is going through “the steps” of “the program,” and was making amends for past transgressions or whatever. It’s made me think a lot about booze lately; I basically quit the sauce years ago, and only occasionally dabble with wine these days.

Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein made the decision to quit booze recently too, after years of abuse. In a new interview with Sonic Excess, he spoke about it and the old days when he’d blow rails.

“I had issues with cocaine years ago, and it’s the easiest drug to get off of,” he surmised. “Erase the fucking coke dealer’s number from your phone, and stop going to the bars where you know it’s at. So, no big deal; there goes coke. But, trying to deal with alcohol, beer especially, it’s almost sacrilegious not having beer watching a football game.”

Kirk says the band’s new album is the first he’s recorded sober.

“Every Crowbar guitar riff ever written was recorded sober. When it came to singing, I would be pretty tanked. Instead of getting a sore throat with the style I sing, it’s more comfortable bringing an ice chest full of beer in the booth. Singing sober, I never had done it. If it takes me two or three hours to record vocals, I would pound beers the whole time, and I would have a nice buzz by the time it was over. It took a little adjusting doing it sober. I guess I mistakenly thought that alcohol brought out emotions; I would get more emotional vocals, because I was pounding beer. I found it was a false emotion. Once I became comfortable with my singing, I loved it. It’s been six months tomorrow since my sobriety and a lot to learn. I have reprogrammed my entire way of thinking on everything.”

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